SRAM introduces new cage assembly kit, reducing the fixing of a bent T-Type AXS mech from over £120 to just £28!

In fantastic news for anyone with SRAM’s latest T-Type wireless transmission, the cost of repairing a bent rear derailleur has just become significantly cheaper. Even with the new drivetrain’s sturdy construction, a twisted cage is always a possibility, given the rear mech’s proximity to the ground and dangers such as rocks, roots, and stumps (particularly on a bike with a 27.5in wheel). And fixing such an issue will now be almost £100 cheaper thanks to a new replacement part from SRAM.

SRAM T-Type AXS rear derailleur

Our bent SRAM XX Eagle T-Type AXS cage and £181 replacement

Marketed as one of the toughest and best shifting drivetrains ever when it was launched last Spring, the rear derailleur used SRAM’s UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) interface and a outer brace design to add strength and reduce the chance of damage in the event of a crash. Repairability was also high on the list of priorities when designing the new transmission, crucial since individual parts, such as the mech, are extremely expensive. For example, a whole X0 drivetrain costs over £1,000, while a XX rear derailleur is nearly £700.

SRAM T-Type AXS rear derailleur

Yes, your T-Type mech is not supposed to look like that!

And while the new mech design is significantly more robust that a traditional mech and replaceable hander, it is not infallible. As we found out when we bent the cage after around 12-months riding the new T-Type transmission. Repairing it was easy, but we were shocked to find out that the price of a replacement cage assembly was as much as £181 for XX and £125 for GX and came with parts we didn’t need, such as the clutch and pulley wheels. Considering the price of a brand new, top-of-the-range XTR mech from rivals Shimano is only £30 more expensive, and customers would have already had to invest significantly into T-Type technology, this felt excessive.

After watching our ’12-month’s on T-Type’ video, SRAM got in touch to say that it will be offering a much cheaper solution for anyone needing to repair a bent cage. The ‘RD Cage Kit Alu T-Type Eagle AXS’ consists of a replacement inner and outer cage and pulley wheels, but without the clutch/damper, and costs just £28. For consumers in Europe it’s €31, and in the US it’s $29. Obviously there will be a difference in materials, but that’s a huge saving compared to replacing with a GX, X0, or XX cage assembly.

We’re still waiting for details from SRAM regarding availability and precise specifications, but we understand the cage kit will fit any T-Type AXS mech. When we know more, we’ll update this story.