Specialized's benchmark Stumpjumper trail bike gets less travel, no sidearm, and loses the Evo option, but there's now six-way geometry adjustment, and "better traction" thanks to the clever Genie shock.


43 years after the first Stumpjumper was introduced, Specialized has brought out the latest iteration: the Stumpjumper 15. The American brand’s trail bike gets a trick new Genie Shock Technology, which is claimed to handle bumps “16.3% better” than the Stumpjumper Evo, which was our Trail Bike of the Year in 2022 and consistently featured at the top of our best full-suspension bikes guide.

Alongside this, there is six-way geometry adjust, a tunable spring curve, the choice to run a mixed wheel set-up or full 29in wheels, and “57% better traction” than the Evo. That’s some very precise metrics! But if you want to find out whether those improvements can be felt on the trail, read our first ride review of the new Specialized Stumpjumper 15.

Specialized Stumpjumper 15

43 years after the first, the latest (and potentially greatest) Specialized Stumpjumper 15 is reborn

Specialized Stumpjumper 15 need to know:

  • Specialized Stumpjumper 15 replaces the older Evo model
  • Uses Genie shock tech, which offers the feel and control of a coil spring in an air spring platform
  • 145mm rear travel (reduced from 150mm) with 150mm travel fork
  • Riders can run 29in wheels front and rear or use a mullet setup
  • Six frame sizes, from S1 to S6
Specialized Stumpjumper 15

The Genie shock tech aims to provide the best of both shock worlds – coil and air spring

Three wishes have been granted…

The 15th full-suspension version of the Stumpjumper replaces the Evo, which we’ve loved here at MBR. But that doesn’t mean we’ll miss it – Alan’s been riding the new Stumpjumper 15, and is convinced it’s “the best version yet, and better than the old Evo bike it replaces. And it’s the changes to the suspension layout and new Genie shock technology that elevate the overall ride quality.”

So, what’s new about this Stumpjumper? Namely, the Genie shock tech. This is Specialized’s own Pneumatic Spring Assist (PSA) air spring tech. It takes two separate, but connected, positive air chambers, to increase the overall air volume and create a flatter spring curve for a claimed 70% of the shock’s stroke.

For the last 30% travel, an alloy sleeve (which Specialized calls the Genie Band) slides across to close the outer air chamber ports. This effectively reduces the overall volume and adds a more progressive spring curve to ensure better bottom-out resistance.

In practice, this means bottom-outs are reduced by a claimed 39%, and there is 57% more traction than a standard air spring. There are some big claims from Specialized here about the Genie Tech’s superior bump force management as well as traction, but Alan seems to think it’s not all marketing tosh.

Specialized Stumpjumper 15

The S-Works Stumpjumper 15 costs £10k but comes with top-end components. Prices for the carbon Stumpjumper 15 start at £6,000 – which is high when you consider there are plenty of e-bike options at that price.

Specialized Stumpjumper 15

Alongside the Genie tech, Specialized revised the anti-squat on the new Stumpy 15. They claim they have struck a balance between the previous Stumpy and Stumpy Evo.

There’s also the SWAT 4.0 integration. This is lower down than previous, and according to Specialized, is the “smoothest operating, most weather-resistance, flush-mounted system ever.” Hard to argue with.

Finally, there’s the geometry. You can run 29in or mullet wheels, and there are six geometry settings riders can tune the handling and weight balance to their riding style or terrain. This includes the head angle and the bottom bracket height through swapping the Horst link chips. There are four models to choose from, with the Expert starting at £6,000 and the S-Works Stumpjumper 15 topping the range at £10,000. There is one Öhlins Coil equipped model, too – if air shocks just don’t do it for you.

Specialized keeps its S-sizing concept, with six sizes to choose from. Stumpjumper 15 is available now in Specialized dealers.

Price list:

  • S-Works Stumpjumper 15 – £10,000
  • S-Works Stumpjumper 15 frameset – £4,000
  • Stumpjumper 15 Pro – £7,500
  • Stumpjumper Expert – £6,000
  • Stumpjumper 15 Öhlins Coil – £7,000