Limited edition gold lowers will be ridden by sponsored Fox athletes during 2024 season and available to buy in limited numbers this Summer.

Gold forks are not a new thing – in 1992 RockShox wowed the public with the Mag 20 and Mag 21, then again in 2000 with the Psylo – and yet their lustre doesn’t seem to have faded a single carat over the years if Fox’s new line-up is anything to go by. Yes, to celebrate 50 years of Fox, the brand is releasing special edition versions of its entire fork line-up, with the lower legs swathed in what it describes as a ‘Podium Gold’ finish.

That’s everything from the new and head-turning 32 Step-Cast XC race fork to the 40 downhill fork via the 34, 36, and 38 trail/enduro forks.

Fox Podium Gold fork line-up

There will be 1,974 units of each Fox Factory fork platform made. Are you feeling lucky?

Initially only available to sponsored riders and athletes, Fox intends to make a limited number available to purchase later this year. Podium Gold will only be an option on the top Factory models of each platform with the Kashima coated upper tubes and either the new Grip X2, Grip X, or Grip SL dampers. There will be 1,974 examples of each fork platform made (the year that Fox was founded), and each fork will come with a gold credit card-style certificate of authenticity, as well as a sticker sheet so that you can match up your Fox shock to the fork. Fox anticipates there will be a small upcharge for the Podium Gold version (we were given a figure around the $100 mark).

1993 GT RTS 1 TEAM

A 1993 GT RTS 1 Team with RockShox Mag 21 forks

So who did it better, RockShox or Fox? Well, RockShox gave its Psylo a gold crown as well as gold upper and lower tubes, but the finish wasn’t particularly durable. So while Fox has gone with a black crown for the its limited edition models, we reckon the lustrous, wet-look finish has that extra bling factor, and will likely last longer as well.

2001 RockShox Psylo fork

A 2001 RockShox Psylo fork

What? You mean you were just going to hang your forks on the wall and gaze at them?!