Originally a freeride hucker, then a dirt jump hardtail, the new Scott Voltage blasts into 2024 with a hidden shock and mid-power motor.


Take Scott’s Genius trail bike, give it a compact, lightweight motor, and hey presto; you have the Scott Voltage. A mid-power e-bike with 155mm of travel and an incredibly streamlined profile destined to compete with the best lightweight e-bikes on the market.

But that’s not all – it also gets Scott’s on-the-fly travel and geometry adjust, a hidden shock, space for two water bottles, or a bottle and a range extender, an external sag indicator, and adjustable head angle. Phew!

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

A dark horse: The Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned has a motor and a shock, you just can’t see them.

Scott Voltage need to know

  • Mid-power e-bike with TQ HPR 50 motor
  • 155mm of rear travel with 160mm travel fork and 29in wheels
  • 50Nm of torque and 300w peak power hooked up to 360Wh battery
  • Optional range extender (also space to run a water bottle)
  • Internal shock keeps the lines sleek and dirt and grit at bay
  • Carbon frames on all four models (plus two Contessa women-specific versions)
  • Top model weighs a claimed 17.9kg

Last year Scott announced its first lightweight e-bike, the svelte Lumen with TQ motor and battery, and headline-grabbing £14k price and 15.6kg weight. Now the Swiss brand has taken this engine package and applied it to a more capable platform, where the brand new Voltage mirrors the travel and sizing of Scott’s Genius trail bike. That means 155mm travel at the rear, 29in wheels at both ends, and a sub-64º head angle with adjustable geometry. If you want to find out how it rides, read our first ride review of the Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned here.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

Some serious engineering was needed to fit everything inside the Voltage frame.

Packed in like sardines in a can

To give the engineers a few sleepless nights and extra grey hairs, the Voltage packages the motor, battery, cables, wiring, remote lockout and piggy-back shock within the carbon frame. This gives the Voltage an impressively sleek frame that’s easy to clean and helps keep contaminants away from the shock. As you can see by the transparent frame mockup, everything is packed tightly inside the tubes, with a plastic sleeve keeping cables and wires from getting mangled in the shock. Custom slim bottle mounts and charging port also help free up vital space to help shoehorn everything in.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

Scott’s external sag indicator helps ease the set-up process, although it isn’t quite as quick and simple thanks to the internal shock.

To help with set-up, there’s a door on the down tube that can be removed to access the shock, as well as an external sag indicator on the upper link.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

The TQ motor is hard to see and almost impossible to hear.

TQ motor chosen for its light weight, compact size, and silent running

Already a familiar sight on lots of diet e-bikes, such as the Trek Fuel EXe and Mondraker Neat, the TQ motor is almost imperceptible from a visual and aural perspective. Ironic then, that Scott’s Integrated Shock Technology adds bulk to the BB area of the frame and ends up looking more like an e-bike than competitors with external shocks. But Scott couldn’t make IST work with any other motor, as the 1.85kg TQ system is so tiny thanks to its harmonic ring, concentric design. There’s 50Nm of torque and 300W peak power from the unit, and with a non-removable 360Wh battery, so it’s not the most powerful, and it doesn’t have the longest range, but it’s an effective unit with a very natural ride feel that feeds and amplifies your inputs rather than being a motor you can leave to do all the work. Want more range? There’s an optional 160Wh range extender, and with two bottle cage mounts within the front triangle, you don’t have to choose between satisfying your thirst, or the motor’s.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

TwinLoc remote and TQ controller make for a congested cockpit, but it makes sense while riding.

TracLoc or TwinLoc – remote travel and geometry adjust on all models

No Scott would be complete without a remote travel and geometry adjust system and the Voltage is no exception. The Tuned model gets TracLoc, which is tethered only to the shock and gives you three different modes – Descend, Ramp Control, where travel is effectively reduced and the bike sags less, and Climb, which also adds compression damping. The settings are accessed by a custom remote integrated with the dropper lever. This Tuned model also uses a piggy-back Float X Nude shock for better downhill performance.

All the other bikes in the range feature TwinLoc, where both the fork and shock are hooked up to the system, and the third position adds a lot of damping for a very firm, pseudo-lockout mode.

Sizing and geometry

Scott Voltage geometry

Scott Voltage geometry

MY24 Scott Voltage eRide range

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

The Scott Voltage eRide 900 SL is £11,899, but comes with the range extender.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 SL £11,899 / $12,999 / €12,999

This is the top boy model coming in at a claimed 17.9kg. It gets a Fox 36 Float Factory fork and Nude Factory shock, SRAM XX Eagle Transmission, carbon Syncros Revelstoke wheels and a one-piece carbon Syncros Hixon IC bar/stem combo. It comes standard with the 160Wh range extender.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

The Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned is £10,099 and gets a Grip2 damper in the fork that isn’t hooked up to the remote lockout. You also get a remote reservoir Float X Nude shock.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned £10,099 / $10,999.99 / €10,999

This is the only bike in the range where the fork isn’t hooked up to the remote ‘lockout’. Instead there’s a Fox 36 Factory fork with Grip2 damper and a Float X Nude shock. There are Syncros Revelstoke wheels with carbon rims, a SRAM GX AXS Transmission and one-piece Syncros bar/stem.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

The Scott Voltage eRide 910 is £6,599.

Scott Voltage eRide 910 £6,599 / $7,199.99 / €7,199

Still the same frame found on the rest of the range, but the fork and shock are hooked up to the TwinLoc system. The Shimano drivetrain uses an XT mech, Deore shifter, and FSA crank. There’s also a regular alloy Syncros bar and stem.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

Scott’s entry-level Voltage is the eRide 920 at £6,099.

Scott Voltage eRide 920 £6,099 / $6,599.99 / €6,599

To reduce costs, Scott has fitted a Marzocchi Z2 fork up front, though still hooked up to the TwinLoc. The drivetrain is the same as the 920, but the Shimano brakes give way to SRAM DB8.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

The Contessa Voltage eRide 900 is £6,599 and available in Europe and the UK.

Scott Contessa Voltage eRide 900 £6,599 / €7,199

Essentially a women-specific version of the eRide 910.

Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned

There’s also the Contessa Voltage eRide 910 at £6,099.

Scott Contessa Voltage eRide 910 £6,099 / €6,599

A women-specific version of the eRide 920.