BMC has a new enduro bike brand, with SCOR. And its first bike, the 4060, looks like a winner from the get-go, with two travel options.

There is a new Swiss mountain bike frame brand. Are you ready to SCOR? The SCOR 4060 looks terrific and promises a true Swiss enduro riding experience

Evolved from the imagination of two BMC employees, SCOR is debuting with a single model, covering two travel options and the question of pedal-assistance.

Although the original Trailfox was one of the first capable long-travel 29ers, BMC has remained true to its lightweight cross-country racing roots instead of expanding into longer-travel bikes and competing with the leading best enduro mountain bikes.

SCOR 4060

The big purple one

Swiss and fun = SCOR

With the SCOR sub-brand, there is an opportunity to prioritise “fun”, instead of counting grams and adding lockout levers.

The SCOR 4060 is a blend of typically Swiss industrial design and very on-trend standards. Construction sees two carbon-fibre triangles joined by an aluminium link, using a low-slung four-bar suspension configuration.

SCOR promises riders a generous amount of geometry and suspension travel adjustability. The futuristic design allowed SCOR’s engineers to create an ST and LT version from one frame.

SCOR 4060

Looks complicated but is essentially a 4-bar linkage

ST and LT options

Riders can choose to have their 4060 as either a 140mm frame, with a 150mm fork, in the ST configuration, or something a touch more true enduro – running 160mm at the back, and 170mm at the front.

An interesting feature is the huck plate, which looks like a fancy graphic design at the back of this Swiss bike’s seat tube, but is a reinforcement to prevent cosmetic damage if you do buzz a tyre at peak suspension compression.

Geometry numbers aren’t shy, with the 4060 LT running at a 63.8° head angle, in its lowest setting, and 65° as standard. The ST sits at 65.5° and can be slackened to 64.5°. All 4060s are easily made slacker or steeper, thanks to an integrated adjustable headset.

SCOT 4060

A great first effort from SCOR

Reach? It is definitely on the long end of the geometry spectrum, with a SCOR 4060 measuring 490mm in its steeper setting, as a size large.

Won’t leave a mark, if you bottom-out

The SCOR design team has given this new Swiss enduro frame some notable utility features.

There’s a covered stash box under the bottom bracket for tools and spares, while the front triangle can mount two hydration bottles – one on each side of the down tube.

If you need additional bolt-on stowage, that is provided for under the top tube.

SCOR 4060 Z

SCOR 4060 Z ebike

There is an e-bike too

SCOR quotes the 4060’s bike weight as approximately 14kg.

Proving the design’s ingenuity and SCOR’s awareness of customer demand is an e-bike version, the 4060 Z.

SCOR’s enduro e-bike tucks a Shimano EP8 mid-drive motor in the middle and draws power from a Darfon battery pack, with a healthy 720Wh of energy density.