The new Reynolds Black Label 307 and 309 gravity wheels have race pedigree with the Pivot Factory Racing team, across enduro and downhill


Reynold’s updated gravity race wheels aren’t quite new. To be specific, the eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted them gracing the bikes of the Pivot Factory Racing team over the previous race season. The new BL307 and BL309 wheels now boast shallower and wider rims with an asymmetric profile, plus Reynolds Black Label Hydra hubs.

Need to know:

  • New carbon BL307 and BL309 wheels
  • Enduro and downhill models
  • 27.5 and 29er
  • Designed for increased compliance and efficiency, and lower weight
  • 30mm internal rim width
  • 20.5mm rim depth
  • Asymmetric rim profile
  • Pro, Expert and Trail models

Reynolds Black Lable 307 and 309 Gravity Enduro and Downhill wheels

The fact that Pivot Factory Racing team member Jenna Hastings took the World Champion title on them, and team manager Bernard Kerr had his best ever season, does certainly cast a positive light on the new wheels.

Reynolds Black Label 307 and 309 wheels

The new wheels have been designed to increase compliance and offer more efficient power transfer, with a lighter weight, over previous Reynolds models.

Spec for the Reynolds Black Lable 307 and 309 Gravity Enduro and Downhill wheels

There are two versions – an enduro model and a downhill model – both available in both 27.5 and 29er sizes. The enduro model has a 28-hole build, designed to offer increased compliance for better comfort and control over long descending race stages, while also reducing weight for a lighter overall build to ease the workload for long climbs and liaison stages. The downhill model has a 32-hole build, prioritising stiffness and precision over lower weight, which is less of a priority for downhill racing.

Rim design and hubs

Rims have been constructed from Reynolds IDM Matrix; a blend of high quality carbon fibres plus an impact force-dispersing resin in a layup and ratio designed to optimise the strength to weight ratio.

Reynolds Black Label Hydra hubs from the Reynolds Black Lable 307 and 309 Gravity Enduro and Downhill wheels

The Reynolds Black Label Hydra hubs from the Pro model

They measure in at a rim depth of 20.5mm, 5.5mm shallower than the previous model (26mm) and offering up to 40% more vertical compliance than the previous IDM/Black Label model, and up to 30% more than the TR version. Rims are also wider, with a 30mm internal rim width and 37mm external width.

An asymmetric profile ensures more equal spoke tension and therefore better power transfer and a more robust build.

At the heart of the Pro version of the BL307 and BL309 are the Black Label Hydra hubs. These have been designed by Reynolds but built by Industry Nine. The Expert and TR level wheels feature Ringle Super Bubba X and Bubba hubs.

  • Enduro Black Label Pro – £2,200
  • Enduro Black Label Expert – £1,800
  • Enduro TR – £1,350
  • DH Expert – £1,800
  • Trail TR – £1,350

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