ELEMNT bike computer owners have got some new features to enjoy after the latest Wahoo update

US tech brand Wahoo has launched a set of updates across its ELEMNT bike computers, including music control, training plan integration, and the ability to control your GoPro.

Bike computers aren’t just for roadies – they’re great ways to track how far you’re riding, and some even come with trail centre mapping so you can navigate routes and find new trails. The latest Wahoo Roam V2 computer made it onto our list of the best GPS computers for mountain biking, and we’ve currently got one on long-term test.

Wahoo ELEMNT update

GoPro connectivity is the big one for mountain bikers – soon you’ll be able to start/stop and take pictures all from your device

Need to know:

  • Control your GoPro from your Wahoo
  • Smart light control with compatible lights
  • Music controls
  • Training plan integration
  • Introduction of dark mode

GoPro compatibility

Fancy yourself a bit of a YouTuber, or a TikTok creator? Soon Wahoo will make it easier than ever to control your GoPro without having to crane your neck or switch it on before mounting it to your helmet. It’s not available just yet, but with the latest Roam and Bolt bike computers you will be able to start/stop recording, adjust camera modes and capture photos all from your Wahoo device. There’s no word on whether other cameras will be included in this update at a later date, but for now that’s a pretty neat update for GoPro/Wahoo users when it eventually rolls out.

If you run ‘smart’ lights (aka ANT+ compatible ones) on your bike as well, you can now control these via your Wahoo device. This includes things like some Bontrager and Garmin lights. You can adjust the light mode and whether they are on or off.

Wahoo ELEMNT update

You can now use more programmes to integrate your training with your Wahoo ELEMNT computer

Control your sound

Unless you’re really embarrassed about what you listen to being showcased on your GPS screen, Wahoo’s new music control is pretty cool for switching up your tunes when you’re riding. Not all of us like to listen to music on the trails, though, but if you’re someone who suffers on the turbo trainer, music can be a godsend. And now you don’t need to drip sweat all over your phone while you choose your playlist.

Training plan integration

For those of us who focus our time on the bike with training sessions, the latest Roam and Bolt devices now include training plan integration from more providers. You could already use TrainingPeaks and Wahoo SYSTM, but now there’s FinalSurge, Humango, Join and Nolio joining the party.