Weight 562g / Built-in video recorder / LCD screen 40mmx30mm / AA batteries / Remote control / 30fps at 720×480 resolution
Contact: www.actioncameras.co.uk or 0208 965 7679

Whenever we’ve taken the first steps toward assembling some kind of office headcam system, we’ve generally ended up with a tangled knot of incompatible cables on the floor and a fog of confusion above our heads. Then the V.I.O. POV.1 waltzed into our lives. With its integrated approach and waterproof/dustproof/shock-resistant design it seemed like our prayers had been answered.
The POV.1 comes neatly packed in its own carry case and included in the kit is everything you need to get started. There’s the camera, recording unit, a cable to connect the two, USB lead for uploading movies, AV cable for viewing through a TV, wireless remote control, various mounting accessories and a 1GB SD card. The enclosed software is only compatible with PC, but you can still connect the recorder unit to a Mac and download your recordings by treating it like a USB storage device.
Getting started is easy; rig up your camera mount — we used a combination of the enclosed Velcro and zip-ties to secure it to a helmet — using the screen to find the best height and angle, drop the recorder into your hydration pack and strap the remote control to your bars. When you get to a good bit, simply hit the record button, listen for the beep that tells you recording has begun, and start shredding.
At 30fps, the video footage is smooth, even at high speed, but the camera lacks detail, particularly viewing at full screen. The exposure reacts fairly quickly to the transition between bright sunshine and dark woodland, but set the camera up to show too much sky, and you’ll lose detail in the shadows. What’s more, the field of view is fairly narrow, so for chase cam footage, big gaps need to be left between riders to ensure they stay within the frame. A wide-angle lens would be far more useful for mountain biking.
As for battery life, expect around three or four hours out of standard alkaline AAs, depending on use, and the supplied 1GB SD card should hold around 40mins worth of footage. For an example of the footage we shot with it, go to http://video.mpora.com/watch/oGKxWAgs6.
The beauty of the POV.1 is its integration. Light, sturdy and simple to use, it removes the initial stress from capturing footage of your rides. But at £550, it comes at a high price.