Inside diameter: 36mm / 2, 2,25, 3in strokes / Various lengths / Weight: 281g (300lb X 6.5in length)

We swapped the 300lb steel spring that came as standard with a Cane Creek Double Barrel shock for an equivalent Nuke Proof Ti unit and saved a whopping 220g in the process. But before you run out and buy one, you should weigh your existing steel spring, as the weight savings aren’t always so dramatic. For instance, Fox steel springs are wound very close to their limit and the savings can be as little as 25 per cent. That said, the Nuke Proof Ti spring will always offer a weight saving over steel, and one where you don’t have to sacrifice performance. Additionally, the Ti spring won’t take a set or fatigue as quickly as steel springs and it reduces the unsprung mass, albeit by half of the total weight saved. As for claims of Ti springs actually feeling better, that’s probably more to do with retail therapy than anything else.
Weight saving is always a case of diminishing returns but, if you’ve got the money, the Nuke Proof Ti spring is a good way to shed a few grams. And, because Nuke Proof has opted for a universal inside diameter, if you change your shock you are less likely to end up with an expensive paperweight.