We have managed to get our hands on a prototype set of the these Next SL cranks from Race Face. Race Face is using a high pressure moulding process to produce a low void carbon structure with hollow arms. So confident are they of their Optimised Carbon Technology (OCT) that they are claiming that the Next XC is one of the lightest, strongest 100% carbon cranks ever made.
Also, because the Next SL cranks are among the first to feature Race Face’s EXI interface, where the drive-side crankarm is permanently fixed to the bottom bracket spindle, it’s much easier to install and get the chainline dialled than on older X-Type cranks.
Add that to the extra bottom bracket bearing seals and Phil Wood waterproof grease, all from a 747g package, and it’s easy to see why the Race Face Next SL is going to be one of the most sought after components of 2008.