Weight: 318g/Two steerer plugs/Two seatpost shims
Contact: Zyro 01845 521700

Injection-moulded pieces of plastic are not sexy or even on most folks’ shopping lists, but mudguards are functional and a godsend on wet and sticky rides. Flingers are simply styled with no flash decals or fancy graphics, and this is reflected in the price. They’re also easy to fit — the front wedges in the bottom of the fork’s steerer tube, two plugs are offered for 1in and 1 1/8in steerers, but check your fork has a hole because some don’t. A quick-release lever allows you to remove the guard for drier spells but it’s stiff to use and got worse when ingrained with mud.
The rear guard fits to the seatpost like a light and has an articulated arm than can be adjusted with two knurled nuts. It’s short too, so will work with suspension bikes. Rubber ends feature on both guards, which protects them if you crash in the slippery conditions.
Flingers add three quarters of a pound in weight but they’re cheap, robust and get the job done.