XTR quality bottom bracket bearings / hollowtech 2 design / reinforced pedal inserts / 110 BCD / 68mm shell specific / Weight: 843g (including BB and chainring)
Contact: ultimate-pursuits.co.uk

The crankarms themselves are a polished version of Saint and are available in 165mm right through to 180mm which should please high towers and singlespeeders. They also share the top-hat style pedal inserts, but differ when it comes to the spider. Rather than mount the ring to the outside edge of a spider, for DXR the external face has curved bevels on its face and the ring mounts behind (where a middle ring would fit). All this spins on an external style XTR quality bottom bracket available only for 68mm bottom bracket shells.
Quality is undoubtedly up there with the best, and stiffness is unsurpassed. Despite the bearing quality and low volume of production we can’t help but baulk a little at the price: £220 without rings seems steep. For some people it will answer dreams: a Hollowtech 2 singlespeed chainset in 180mm will get the retro singlespeed crowd salivating, and anyone with an old jumpy hardtail will no longer have to ride like John Wayne on wide cranks. Four-cross riders will love this as much as the BMX crowd it’s intended for, it’s just a shame there isn’t a lower rent version for mortals. Next year perhaps?