Cadence, speed and heart rate / Wireless / 2.4GHz transmission to avoid cross talk

Cateye knows its onions when it comes to handlebar-mounted electronics; be it commuter lights or cycle computers, Cateye leads the pack. The V3 is currently the brand’s top-end computer and it comes in at a competitive £110.
Heart rate is measured via an unremarkable, but nevertheless comfortable, plastic chest strap, while speed and cadence functions are handled by one unit that sits on your chainstay, relaying information to the head unit via a 2.4GHz digital data transmission to avoid cross talk with other devices (including power lines – formerly the nemesis of HRMs). Given the number of components, set-up was a breeze and we were up and running in about 10 minutes.
With three lines of information on display, controlled by two buttons, navigation is remarkably simple. The top two lines show heart rate, cadence and speed, and pressing the top right button shows you your average for all three. Press again to find your maximums based on your current ride.
The lower display, controlled by the bottom right button, gives information such as current time, trip distance, calories consumed and riding time. Scrolling between the information is intuitive and easy to do while you’re riding.
It’s hard to fault the V3. The design is sleek and modern, it is easy to use and easy to set up, and it works very effectively, even in the off-road environment. On top of all that, it’s very competitively priced at just over £100. The only downside is that it’s bike only — but if you’re exclusively a bike rider, this could be a great choice.