Here’s what the manufacturers say:

Containing 100% fresh egg whites, with nothing added or taken away (except the yokes!), Myprotein’s Liquid Egg Whites are nature’s number one source of protein. 100% bio-available, this product is quickly and effectively absorbed by the body, allowing none of the vital amino acids to go to waste.

The Liquid Egg Whites have been fully pasteurised to ensure they are completely salmonella free and safe to consume raw. The presence of Avidin in normal raw eggs can affect your body’s use of the B Vitamin Biotin. However, the Avidin content of the Liquid Egg White is neutralised by the pasteurisation treatment Myprotein performs on every batch. The patented pasteurisation process allows the substance to be stored for up to five months at room temperature.

Liquid Egg Whites are extremely popular amongst the athletic community due to their versatility and fantastic nutritional content. Consumed as a raw drink or cooked to make a quick egg white omelette, the egg whites provide a fantastic source of protein to promote muscular recovery and growth. The fact that this product also doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol, makes them a superb choice for those looking to consume a healthy, high protein food.

£4.25 per bottle (bulk discounts apply, available only direct online at