Crankworx's champion Paul Basagoitia celebrates his partnership with Spank wheels and IXS by going large in the new edit from Utah


If a video starts with a shot of the big cliffs of Utah you can generally guess you’re in for some big bike action. Celebrating the announcement of partnerships with both Spank and IXS, Basagoitia let it all hang out under the burning sun in Utah. In this edit we get to see some classic Utah free riding, with Basagoitia hitting big lines and even bigger tricks.

The camera work by Definition films ties it all together, creating some great looking shots; a particular highlight being the manual in the front of the sun. When used in combination, big tricks and great camera work makes for a great looking edit.

Excited to be riding again with Spank and starting with IXS, Bass said:

“I’m stoked to announce that I’ll be continuing my relationship with Spank wheels and joining a new chapter with IXS! I figured there is no better place to test out product than Utah. I’ve been really impressed with the overall strength and performance of Spank’s Spike Race28 Wheels after a season’s use. So I decided to see just how far I could push them on my new Scott, on some of the best terrain in the world. Not to mention I was excited to get my new IXS gear dirty. I ended up teaming up with my good friends over at Definition films to create this edit. After a few hard days of digging and taking some good slams I’m really excited to release it. I hope you guys enjoy this edit, as much as we enjoyed creating it. Cheers, Paul”

Utah is the home of the infamous Red Bull Rampage, wherein riders throw down their craziest moves on some even crazier terrain. Check out Andreu Lacondeguy’s Rampage winning run for more of the good stuff.