If you desire the Swedish suspension company's TTX damper tech, but are concerned about frame clearance, this new shock is for you.

If you are a fan of having that Swedish umlaut on your rear shock air can, but worry about mounting issues, Öhlins has a new single air chamber solution.

Broadening the company’s shock range is its TTX1Air, which increases the TTX range to a portfolio of three – excluding the propriety Specialized variant.

Engineers at Öhlins have specially designed this new shock to provide superior terrain damping, pedaling support and large-bump absorption – in a compact package.

Not all frames are convergent with the latest generation of twin-tube dampers and their larger structural profile. To allow more riders access to its premium shock technology, Öhlins set its industrial design team to work.

All the function with easier fitment

Öhlins’ goal was repackaging those TTX internals into a slenderer damper body.

The result is a noticeably slimmer fit and trimmed end-eye design, allowing this new Öhlins TTX1Air to fit a greater diversity of dual-suspension frames.

Compared to an Öhlins TTX2Air, with its larger dual air chamber, the TTX1Air is nearly 80g lighter, at 390g, sized in a 190x45mm configuration.

Targeted at riders who require a progressive air spring to resist bottom-out, on a dual-suspension frame with a very linear shock curve, the TTX1Air should be ideal.

It is very much a product that should come to fulfillment, on any of the latest-generation Down Country bikes, optimizing the dynamic performance of 115-125mm rear suspension.

As one would expect from any Öhlins shock, external adjustability offers both high- and low-speed compression, in addition to rebound damping. There is also the obligatory climb switch, for those riders who are precious about not wastefully expending their pedaling watts into suspension bop, when climbing steep terrain.

Pricing for the TTX1Air is $720/€733.20, which positions it at a slight discount to the dual-chamber TTX2Air’s $780/€676.80.