The Canadian brand has gone for full-power with the Bosch Performance Line CX drive system, along with a new high-pivot idler suspension design, on both bikes.


Canadian brand Norco has expanded its 2024 lineup with two full-fat hardhitters – the Sight VLT and Range VLT. The Range VLT is a 180/170mm beast, while the Sight VLT comes with slightly more tame 160/150mm travel. Both use the Bosch Performance Line CX motor with up to 85Nm of torque, and a 750Wh battery for plenty of range. Both also utilise Norco’s Virtual Pivot Suspension | High Pivot (VPSHP) platform.

The best electric mountain bikes these days have moved on significantly in the past few years. Norco’s previous Sight and Range were popular with hard-charging riders, and these two updated designs look to take that capability one step further.

Norco Range VLT

The new Norco Range VLT and Sight VLT bikes are full-fat e-bikes with plenty of range and power

Norco Sight and Range need to know:

  • Norco has launched three Range VLT models
  • And one Sight VLT model
  • Prices start from $6,999 (USD)
  • Both use Bosch’s Performance Line CX mid-drive motor
  • And a 750Wh battery
  • Both bikes use Norco’s VPSHP platform – a high-pivot idler design
  • Range is the longer travel e-freeride bike; Sight is the e-enduro/all-mountain option
Norco Range VLT

The new Norco Range VLT is certified for Utah hucking.

Norco Range VLT

Aimed at riders who are into tackling “rowdy terrain and then taking it up another notch into absolute beast mode”, this electric enduro bike is as big on torque as it is travel. It comes with 180/170mm of travel and is powered by the Bosch Performance Line CX drive system. This produces up to 85Nm of torque, helping riders tackle technical climbs with more ease. The 750Wh battery is a nice touch, too.

There are five frame sizes, each with specific chainstay lengths. Additionally, the Range VLT utilises Norco’s VPSHP platform, which the brand claims is best suited to tougher terrain and inspires confidence when things get technical. The idler, mounted to the chainstay helps to manage pedal slap-back and chain growth so less energy is wasted through the drivetrain and pedals.

Norco Sight VLT (1)

Both bike use Bosch’s Performance Line CX motor and 750Wh Bosch batteries.

The Range VLT comes in three models – two carbon fibre and one alloy. We haven’t seen UK pricing just yet, but the $ pricing is listed below:

  • Range VLT C1 – USD $8,999
  • Range VLT C2 – CAD $9,999
  • Range VLT A1 – USD $6,999

Norco Sight VLT

Norco Sight VLT (1)

The Sight VLT is the all-mountain e-bike option, with 160/150mm travel

The Sight VLT is the Range VLT’s slightly less beefy cousin. It’s powered by the same Bosch Performance Line CX drive system and 750Wh battery, but in an all-mountain package with 160/150mm travel. Like the Range VLT, it uses Norco’s VPSHP platform as well as the new Ride Aligned setup guide which makes getting up-and-running a breeze.

Again, there are five sizes to choose from with individually sized chainstays and mixed 29in and 27.5in wheel setups as well. There is just the one model of the Sight VLT to choose from, and it weighs a claimed 25.2kg (size 3) with the carbon frame.


  • Sight VLT C1 – USD $9,999