New S-1000 lets you enjoy wireless T-Type shifting for less ££, but SRAM is not selling it to consumers directly.

SRAM has expanded its Eagle Transmission Ecosystem with four new products, bringing the brand’s high-tech wireless shifting to a lower price point than ever before. But you’ll have to buy a complete bike to get it; it’s not for sale separately.

The new parts include the XS-1270 cassette, the S-1000 derailleur, S-1000 crankset and S-1000 eMTB crankset. Alongside this, SRAM has also upgraded its acclaimed mineral oil DB8 brakes with a Stealth lever. This brings the hose parallel to the bar, which in SRAM’s words, allows for a “sleeker, more modern ride.”


Two new cranksets are adopted into the T-Type fold, and one is specifically designed for e-bikes.

SRAM Eagle Transmission expansion and DB8 brakes need to know:

  • Four new products, all compatible with the SRAM Eagle Transmission ecosystem, sitting under GX in performance and quality
  • This includes a cassette, a derailleur, crankset and eMTB crankset
  • Products will only be available on complete bikes, not as aftermarket purchases
  • DB8 brakes get a new Stealth lever for sleek looks

The XS-1270 Eagle Transmission Cassette has replacement cogs that are available aftermarket.

SRAM Eagle Transmission expansion

SRAM’s innovative Eagle Transmission is expanding into a more affordable price bracket with its new S-1000 components. Facilitating this development are four new products compatible with the existing T-Type ecosystem, including two cranksets (one e-bike specific), a cassette and a derailleur. Existing SRAM AXS shifter pods will operate the derailleur.

The S-1000 Eagle Crankset features 8-bolt ring compatibility and optional bash guards. It’s made from forged aluminium, and uses stamped steel or aluminium chainrings. It’s available in 155mm, 160mm, 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths.

The S-1000 Eagle E-MTB Crankset focuses on robustness and reliability, and is made from aluminium. It’s compatible with SRAM, Brose, and Bosch motors and can be paired with SRAM’s gap cap to improve the looks around between the crank and chainring. It’s available in a dinky 150mm length, as well as 155mm, 160mm, 165mm and 170mm lengths.


That S-1000 derailleur uses cheaper (read heavier) materials, but includes GX-style battery protection.

The S-1000 Eagle Transmission Derailleur is defined as the “entry-point” to the Transmission ecosystem. It can be matched with all other T-Type ecosystem components, and features SRAM’s new Drag Spring Cage Damper. It takes design pointers from the GX Eagle Transmission derailleur – which includes the improved protection for the AXS battery – and is rebuildable with replaceable parts like the skid plates and cage assemblies.

Finally, the XS-1270 Eagle Transmission Cassette. This includes a replaceable gear cluster and is finished in nickel chrome. It features a full 10-52t range on a traditional splined driver body, and is compatible with all SRAM T-Type components.

Interestingly, the S-1000 parts will only be available on complete bikes and thus not available as aftermarket options. The XS-1270 cassette replacement cogs are available aftermarket now.


SRAM DB8 Brakes

The SRAM DB8 Brakes get a Stealth lever upgrade for a more modern look and feel.

SRAM DB8 brakes Stealth upgrade

SRAM’s DB8 brakes are a popular choice on lower-priced complete bikes, and have impressed us with their light action and reliable performance when we’ve tested them. With mineral oil rather than SRAM’s traditional DOT 4 brake fluid, the DB8s are also low maintenance option, which means more riding and less bleeding.

This latest upgrade comes in the form of a new Stealth lever for the DB8. The architecture of the lever offers a “sleeker more modern ride”, but basically brings the hose parallel to the bar to tidy up the cockpit and improve routing on bikes with hoses that enter the frame through the headset.

SRAM DB8 Brakes

SRAM’s DB8 caliper is unchanged.

The brakes utilise Mineral Oil, like their high-powered Maven cousins, and feature easy adjustment access and “superior ergonomic comfort.” They also use existing Code pads and are designed for use with the SRAM Mineral Oil Bleed Kit only.

The DB8 brakes are priced at £132 and are available with 2000mm or 950mm hose lengths.