Updated 'tuned' aluminium wheels from British Columbia

A tuned wheelset isn’t new to any of us; we’ve seen Enve, Crankbrothers and Race Face building a more compliant front wheel for comfort, offset by more durable rear for strength.

The material of choice has been carbon, but now Race Face is taking the concept to aluminium, with its new Turbine, a wheelset it reckons is both its most compliant and most durable to date.

Race Face Turbine wheels

Race Face has also brought its Anvil Edge rim technology to the Turbine wheels

This is great news for those of us who love the tuned concept (hands up from everyone at mbr) but didn’t want to fork out the £2,000 price tag. Tuned wheels work well because, done right, they offer a softer ride for your beaten-up body and increase grip and traction, while still keeping efficiency at stiffness in the rear.

Race Face Turbine wheels

Race Face Turbine wheels weigh in at a respectable below 1895g for a pair.

You’ll be pleased to hear the Turbine has this idea in a package that’s actually cheaper than the wheel it replaces. Practically unheard of, when everything else from air shocks to eggs costs more.

Race Face has also brought its Anvil Edge technology to the Turbine. It uses a wider rim edge to better dissipate the energy of a pinch-flat across a broader, flatter surface and hopefully reduce the occurrence of punctures

The entire rim profile has been reworked to achieve this, with offset nipple beds for improved spoke-tension balance, while the internal width remains at 30mm.

The Vault rear hub has a super-quick 3-degree engagement, large diameter 6902 bearings and low drag labyrinth seals to keep out the relentless rain and mud of Canada’s North Shore and hopefully the UK’s equally testing conditions.

Race Face Turbine wheels

The hubs on the Race Face Turbine wheels promise improved sealing

There’s a lifetime warranty, inclusive of crashes, and while tech like the Anvil Edge and that reworked profile have increased the weight, it’s only by 30g across both wheels, bringing the total to 1,895g a pair. Available in Boost and Super Boost (157mm) spacing, with Micro spline, XD or HG 11-speed freehub options.

Wheelset: £868 (£369 Front, £499 Rear)