The proposed ski centre will sit right next to BikePark Wales and include a 400m indoor slope.


South Wales, and more specifically Merthyr Tydfil, could become the St Moritz of South Wales if plans for a new indoor ski slope are approved. Ok, so maybe that’s pushing it a bit, but with BikePark Wales already set for major expansion, this massive new indoor skiing and leisure complex could transform the town into a tourist hotspot.

rhydycar west ski centre

The scale of the Rhydycar West site is vast, with a huge 400m long indoor ski slope, large hotel complex, indoor waterpark, indoor and outdoor adventure parks, and woodland lodges.

The plans for Rhydycar West, located adjacent to the existing BikePark Wales site (just 2km north), include an indoor waterpark, indoor and outdoor adventure park, 400m long indoor ski slope and luxury lodging including a spa and woodland lodges. It will cost as estimated £300m to build, but hopes to create 800 jobs locally, and bring £38m into the local economy annually.

Ali Tyebkhan, CEO, of Rhydycar West, stated “We are proud to confirm the submission of the planning application for Rhydycar West. After years of conceptual and technical planning and extensive public consultations, the team is excited to take the next step towards bringing this world-class resort to life.”

If approved, and funded, the scheme will make Merthyr Tydfil one of – if not the – adventure sports destinations in the UK, with facilities to satisfy the whole family. Snowsports, watersports, treetop rope walks, climbing walls and more, will add to the already world class mountain biking at BikePark Wales, and create a genuine alternative to an expensive alpine holiday. Plus, there will be a large hotel and conference centre, and woodland lodges for a more relaxed, self-catered experience.

Richard Arnold, head of operations for Rhydycar West, said, “We are pleased to have arrived at this point following many years of hard work, investment, careful planning and consideration. We strongly believe this development will be of national significance for Wales and enhance Wales’ and the Valleys Region’s position as an epicentre for adventure tourism.”

We love Merthyr, and seeing it developing in this exciting way is just going to make it even more of an awesome place to visit, work or live” – Sarah Munton, BikePark Wales

BikePark Wales welcomes the news as well. Spokesperson, Sarah Munton, told us, “We’re pretty excited about it. Skiing and mountain biking have gone hand-in-hand since forever, so it just adds another element for people coming for an activity/outdoor style holiday in South Wales. We love Merthyr, and seeing it developing in this exciting way is just going to make it even more of an awesome place to visit, work or live.”

The proposal is currently being considered by the Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council planning committee. More details can be found at