With more e-bikes, full-suspension models, hardtails and balance bikes in the range, Mondraker has all of your brood's desires covered.


If sharing your passion for mountain biking with your kids is something you want to do, Mondraker has just updated its youth range of children’s bikes and they look like they deserve a place in our buyer’s guide to the best mountain bikes for kids. And unlike the bulk of kids bikes at your local superstore, there’s no sign of a Peppa Pig or Minecraft logo anywhere on these bikes, they even match some of the colour schemes of Mondraker’s adult range. So let’s dive into what’s new and what’s been upgraded.

Mondraker’s kids range need to know

  • Leader and Factor bikes replaced by Trick and F-Trick collections
  • New Play and F-Play kids e-bikes
  • E-bikes use MAHLE’s X35 hub motor
  • Grommy e-balance bikes stay in the range
Mondraker kids' bikes

There are plenty of sizes to choose from throughout the range to suit kids from 4-14

Mondraker Trick and F-Trick

The Trick and F-Trick bikes have been brought in to replace the Leader and Factor kids’ bikes. These are hardtail and full-suspension offerings, the Trick being the former and the F-Trick the latter.


Mondraker kids' bikes

The Mondraker Trick is an entry-level hardtail option for kids between ages 4 and 14

Mondraker Trick

Designed to be an entry into mountain biking for kids between the ages of 4 and 14 (or between 95cm and 165cm tall), the Trick is an aluminium hardtail that looks like it would slot nicely into a Mondraker family stable. It’s available in 16in, 20in, 24in and 26in wheel sizes, and has been heavily influenced less so by the Leader, and more so by some of their adult bikes with the recognisable frame window and the minimalistic lines.

All bikes can use 2.4in tyres and come with 12x142mm rear hub spacing. The Alloy Stealth Evo frame also comes with internal cable routing, which may or may not be something you’re keen on if your kid is prone to snapping cables.

The other thing to note is that the Trick takes advantage of Mondraker’s Forward Geometry, something that will aim to inspire confidence in the kids and let them build up their abilities on the trails.

Prices start from £649 for the 16in wheel model, and top out at £1,549 for 26in wheels.


  • 16in – £649
  • 20in – £749
  • 24in – £1,199
  • 26in – £1,549


Mondraker kids' bikes

The F-Trick is the full-suspension counterpart of the Trick

Mondraker F-Trick

The F-Trick is the Trick’s full-suspension counterpart. Here you’ve got 120mm and 130mm or 14mm of travel to play with depending on the sizing. There are two wheel sizes: 24in and 26in, which Mondraker suggests will fit riders from age 8 or 135cm for the 24in and age 10 or 145cm for the 26in. It also comes with Mondraker’s Updated Zero Suspension System, 12x148mm drop-outs and 4-pot brakes (on the 26in model).

Mondraker say that the design has been influenced by their Neat and F-Podium adult bikes, taking advantage of Forward Geometry and minimalistic tubes. Impressively, you also get an OnOff Pija dropper post in both sizes, and 2.4in tyres for some big kid shredding.


  • 24in – £2,299
  • 26in – £2,499


Mondraker Play and F-Play

These two bikes are for kids who want to have a go with an e-bike. Remember that in the UK, you must be 14 or over to ride an e-bike in the public domain – so while these might seem appealing for family rides, if your child is below 14 it’s best to keep to private land on e-bikes. Got more e-bike questions?Read our guide where we’ve answered some of the most common electric mountain bike questions.

Mondraker kids' bikes

Kids’ bikes are great for boosting their confidence as they grow

Mondraker Play

Just like the Trick and F-Trick, the Play is the hardtail and the F-Play is the full-suspension option. So, what’s the big deal with the Play? First up, it uses the MAHLE Smartbike Systems X35+ hub drive motor. This sits in the rear wheel and provides up to 40Nm of torque. For adults that might not sound like a large amount but for a kid, that’s probably more than enough for the types of trails they’re going to be riding.

The 250Wh battery can be used on its own or with a 210Wh range extender so your kids can ride for longer. The 26in model has a top assisted speed of 25km/h, but the 20in model has its top speed and power throttled (although Mondraker wasn’t specific about how much).

You can choose from 20in, 24in and 26in models, all with 2.4in tyres, 30mm stems and dropper compatible frames.


  • 20in – £1,999
  • 24in – £2,299
  • 26in – £2,399


Mondraker kids' bikes

The F-Play is the brand’s electric full-suspension kids’ bike, with a Mahle X35+ rear hub motor

Mondraker F-Play

The Mondraker F-Play uses the same electric system as the Play – the MAHLE X35+ rear-hub drive motor and 250Wh internal battery. It coems with three assist modes, and you can tune these individually via the MySmartbike app.

Elsewhere, the big difference is, you guessed it, it’s full-suspension. Like the F-Trick, you can choose from 24in and 26in wheel sizes so this is definitely designed for the bigger kids.

Mondraker says they designed this in conjunction with the F-Trick range so that the F-Play rides like an unassisted bike, in that it’s agile, responsive and light. It shares the same suspension system and frame design, so the big difference being this one has a motor in it.

Again, you get 120mm up front on the 24in bike and 140mm on the 26in, and 120mm on the rear on the 24in and 130mm on the 26in. The F-Play bikes come with OnOff Pija droppers , 2.4in tyres an 30mm stems.


  • 24in – £3,699
  • 26in – £3,999