Mondraker has embraced the new Bosch e-bike ecosystem with a range of pedal-assisted trail and enduro bikes. Including some Crafty options.

Mondraker has embraced the latest Bosch mid-drive motor range. The Spanish brand has integrated the new Bosch motors and smart systems to bolster its e-bike offering.

More advanced control software and linear power delivery are characteristics of the 2022 Bosch mid-drive motors. The fourth-generation Bosch CX motor produces 85Nm of torque and benefits from a host of firmware improvements to further cementing its position as one of the leading systems on the best electric mountain bikes.

Mondraker Crafty sporting nuff Ohlins

Mondraker Crafty sporting nuff Öhlins

Better control and a huge battery

For those e-biker riders who wish to tailor their experience, there is a handlebar-mounted control module, for slicker mode selection.

Powering this Bosch CX motor is a 750Wh battery pack and the KIOX display remains legible in direct sunlight. It also offers the convenience of wireless updates for the system.

Mondraker has added the latest Bosch CX motor to six of its platforms.

The Prime R rolls 29er wheels and a 120mm front fork. You can have the same basic structure, with mudguards and touring racks, for those gravel adventures.

If you want something more suited to challenging singletrack, there is the Chaser R. It features an aluminium frame, with a 160mm fork and 150mm rear-suspension linkage. Brakes are SRAM’s G2 R 4-piston callipers, actuating 200mm rotors.

The e-enduro options

Need even more travel? Mondraker has all those new Bosch motor and control module goodies applied to the Crafty XR, too. That means a 170mm Ohlins RXF 38 fork up front, with 150mm of Mondraker Zero suspension technology trailing at the rear.

Coil sprung Crafty options too

Coil sprung Crafty options too

The Crafty XR is equipped with Code R brakes and rolls Maxxis Minion DHR II 29×2.6” tyres. Mondraker will also do you a Bosch mid-drive motor equipped version of the Crafty XR, in carbon, with SRAM Code RSC brakes.

An e-enduro bike for even bigger lines

Leading the 2022 model year Mondraker e-bike range is the Level. This bike is designed to help you pedal uphill and then extract all the thrill from those daring technical descents.

The Level uses a robust aluminium frame with 180mm of fork travel and a 170mm coil at the rear.

Brake rotors are large diameter 220mm Centerlines from SRAM, which symbolizes all you need to know, about Mondraker’s product intent, with its Level e-bike.