Could this become a reality?

A petition to build a new trail centre in Leeds has reached 1,000 signatures.

The petition, organised by a local bike shop, calls on Leeds Council to build a new trail centre at Middleton Park, which is about four miles from Leeds city centre.

The petition currently has 1,020 signitures and is hoping to gain a total of 1,500. It was organised by Rothwell Cycles that claims: “It will be great for local cyclists as well as cyclists from further afield. It has great access unlike some trail centres and will help the Leeds economy.” Rothwell Cycles is based roughly two and a half miles from the proposed site.

Watch Steve Peat and Annie Last open the Lady Canning’s Plantation trail centre in Sheffield

The petition was actually started six months ago but has gained traction in the past few days to push it past the 1,000 milestone.

There is no plan as to what the trail centre would look like at this point but we would imagine it would be on a similar scale to Parkwood Springs. Suitable for an evening spin, but not a complete day on the bike.

There is no guarantee this petition will bring about any change but it is interesting to see if Leeds Council will consider it if it reaches its target.

You can find the petition here