The addition of four new models expands the Overvolt range to a whopping seven in total, making Lapierre one of the big players in the rapidly expanding e-bike market

It’s the new kids on the block that we’re interested in here though. The four new bikes are evenly split between Bosch and Shimano motors, and all come under Lapierre’s “i” range, to signify next level integration.

So while both of the new platforms have different motors and different amounts of travel for 27.5 Plus and 29in wheels, what they share is that their form is far closer to a regular mountain bike than ever before.

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Lapierre Overvolt

Riding the new Overvolt AM i in the French Alps. Photo: Manu Molle

Lapeierre Overvolt AM i Shimano

Need to know:

  •                27.5 Plus 160mm travel
  •                29in 140mm travel
  •                65.5° head angle for the 27.5 Plus
  •                67° head angle for the 29er
  •                New 4-bar suspension design
  •                Shimano Steps E8000 motor
  •                Snake power 500Wh battery
  •                Sizes: S, M, L, XL

The new Overvolt AM i Shimano is the first bike Lapierre has produced using the STEPS M8000 motor. The more compact design affording chainstay lengths of 445mm and 460mm on the 27.5 Plus and 29er respectively – both considerably shorter than Lapierre’s Bosch equipped bikes.

Lapierre Overvolt

Lapierre Overvolt Intergrated launch. Valberg, France. July 2017. Photo by Matt Wragg

The two Overvolt AM i Shimano frames have very similar profiles but Lapierre hasn’t simply swapped the wheel from 27.5 Plus to 29in. The fames aren’t identical, and the geometry has been tweaked to match the travel. As such, one is a capable 140mm travel 29er trail bike, the other is an all out 160mm 27.5 Plus enduro rig.

Lapierre Overvolt Intergrated launch. Valberg, France. July 2017. Photo by Matt Wragg

Lapierre’s Snake Power Technology is its new flexible battery design. It’s been developed specifically for improved integration and it’s 20% smaller than the Shimano equivalent. Better still, the flexible design means it only needs a tiny trap door in frame for it to be fitted or removed, allowing for an optimum down tube design and seamless integration.

The Snake Power Technology is neat, but we’d love to see a modular design that let you choose how many batteries you carried according to the ride you’re planning

Gone is the OST+ suspension design, replaced instead by a more traditional 4-bar linkage. In doing so, Lapierre has allowed the shock to sit lower in the frame, which lowers its centre of gravity for better handling and stability. Not that e-bikes really need more stability.

Lapierre Overvolt Intergrated launch. Valberg, France. July 2017. Photo by Matt Wragg

Lapierre Overvolt AM/XC i Bosch

Need to know:

  •                AM 27.5 Plus 150mm travel
  •                XC 29er 120mm travel
  •                66° head angle for the 27.5+
  •                OST+ suspension design
  •                DWS dual wheel system
  •                Bosch Performance CX motor
  •                Bosch Powertube 500Wh integrated battery
  •                ACS (anti chain suck) technology
  •                Sizes: S, M, L, XL

There are four different models of the 27.5 Plus Overvolt AM i Bosch, and only one in the 29in XC version. Both frames are designed around the new Bosch Powertube 500Wh integrated battery and Performance CX motor.

Lapierre Overvolt AM700i

The latest Bosch motor gets the updated power settings, with Sport mode being replaced by a new E-MTB mode. This new mode is designed to optimise the amount of power the motor dishes out, by constantly adjusting the power output to seamlessly match what the rider puts in.

Lapierre Overvolt Intergrated launch. Valberg, France. July 2017. Photo by Matt Wragg

For the new Bosch bikes, Lapierre has opted to stick with its proven OST+ suspensions design, along with its Dual Wheel System, which uses flip-chips in the dropouts to adjust the geometry for 27.5 Plus or regular 27.5in wheels on the same bike. A new addition for 2018 is the ACS (anti chain suck) system, designed to prevent the chain and driver cog from getting clogged up in muddy conditions.

ACS – anti chain suck system (Photo9 Lapierre ACS Manu Molle.jpg)

ACS – anti chain suck system


We have no UK pricing as yet, but the expected delivery date for the Bosch equipped Overvolt AM/XC i is this October, with the Shimano equipped Overvolt AM i bikes to follow in Spring.

The € pricing is as follows:

  • Overvolt AM500i : 4399€
  • Overvolt AM600i : 4999€
  • Overvolt AM 700i : 5499€
  • Overvolt AM900i : 5999€