There's getting air on a bike, then there's THIS. If you suffer from vertigo, look away now, because this is absolutely insane.


There’s no doubt that Kriss Kyle has impressive BMX style. And there’s no doubt the Red Bull athlete, who hails from Scotland, has ridden some incredible locations and made some eye-popping edits. But seriously, this is another level.

About 200 levels in fact.

In his latest video, to which the lable ‘insane’ can we think justifiably be applied, Kyle rides a skate park. A skate park suspended by a hot air balloon. Oh, and it’s 2,000ft up in the air. Which is about equivalent to a 200-story building.

The edit is a must-watch, although not if you suffer from vertigo. And you can watch the full video over on Red Bull – Don’t Look Down.

Fair play, Kriss Kyle. We’ll probably be staying closer to the ground on our rides.