Go behind the scenes as Rachel Atherton rockets into the history books in Leogang

Rachel Atherton has been a dominant force on the racing circuit for so long but this weekend in Leogang she cemented her position in the record books with her 10th consecutive win, looking truly unbeatable.

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Rachel was aware of the possibility of taking her 30th ever world cup win but she says that this was something she had hoped to achieve by the end of her career and certainly not in this season.

Similarly, she says as a racer she doesn’t focus on what win she is on, she just treats each race the same as the last and looks to lay down that dominant Atherton race run that the world has become so accustomed to.

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To put Rachel’s dominance into perspective, Greg Minnaar became the most decorated male rider, with 19 wins to his name. Rachel has clocked up a massive 30 and shows no sign of showing down.

Leogang is often accused of being a little bit tame but the poor weather this weekend meant that it was more than a handful for a lot of the riders. The wet weather meant exposed, slippery roots which caused no end of havoc.

One of the riders struggling was Rachel’s brother Gee Atherton, who crashed in a corner, roughing himself up and adding to his injuries sustained at Fort William where he had a big off. However, despite his injuries he still put down a strong run, finishing in 15th position.

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In just under a month the world cup will move to Lenzerheide in Switzerland where Rachel will look to secure another win and move herself closer to the elusive world cup clean sheet.