Another mixed wheel size bike, this time from Evil, as the Insurgent gains a lot more travel.

The mullet bike market continues to multiply, with Evil being the latest brand to mix things up.

As part of a product update to the Insurgent, there is now a mullet version. Evil’s industrial designers have increased the Insurgent’s rear suspension travel from 151- to 168mm, taking it deep into super enduro territory.

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No shortage of travel

Both the 27.5” and mullet Insurgents feature the same 168mm of rear squish, enabled by a redesigned swingarm.

Evil recommends a 180mm fork with the new Insurgent, although if you are on the mullet version, with that 29er front wheel, fork stroke trims to 170mm.

With an abundance of suspension travel at both ends, in either the 27.5” or mullet configuration, you’d expect some crazy frame angles. Surprisingly, the new Insurgent is stupidly slack, with the 27.5” version settling at a 65.3° head angle, with its 180mm fork.

The mullet Insurgent is little more than a degree slacker, at 64.2°, although the integrated angle headset can take that down to 63.5°, if terrain demands.

If you believe that big reach numbers equate to greater riding confidence, the new Insurgent obliges. Evil has managed to stretch the 27.5” version to 492mm of reach on a size large, whilst the mullet version has a slightly shorter reach, but still entirely adequate, at 480mm – also on a size large.

Better links – for those big hits

Long travel bikes leverage big loads onto the frame and Evil has opted to use wider Superboost spacing for the Insurgent’s rear axle.

The shift to 157x12mm improves tyre clearance and allows wider pivot hardware. And as any DIY mountain bike mechanic knows: wider structural load distribution in the linkage can improve bearing durability.

Riders who are keen on the idea of a super enduro mullet bike, or want a 27.5” park riding rig at low weight, will find the latest Insurgent offering, somewhat compelling.