New date for 2009 event
The 2009 event will return at the earlier date of the 12-13th September with an even further reworked course and with an even bigger and better event village setup. We are currently working on a rather substantial extension of the course which will hopefully fall in place for the Sunday races. But no need to worry the basic structure and all the ‘traditional’ Cheddar bits will stay in place but hopefully get a few additions as well.

The format is similar to the Kona Bristol Bikefest but adjusted to the time of year. For the 2009 event we will have again the 10 hour enduro on Saturday followed by the 5 hour event on the Sunday. As an extra for the newcomers to endurance racing we have the 3 hour long ‘Novice’ Endurance event which will also run on Sunday. This will give everybody who is keen to find out what all the ‘fuss’ is about a chance to dip their toe in the water without overdoing it straight away. Both days can be ridden as solo events or as teams of 2 or 4. The special twist on Saturday is that the last couple of hours (depending on weather) will be ridden in the dark and will offer a real chance for everybody to enjoy night riding before the ‘dark season’ starts. So make sure that you have some lights with you in case it gets dark down ‘Witches Wood’.

Loyalty gift – don’t miss out
We have paired up once more with our sponsor KONA bikes ( to give every rider who is taking part in the Saturday and the Sunday event a ‘loyalty gift’ (worth more than £25) – so everybody who has already entered both events or who is going to will be rewarded when you sign on. It maybe worth considering giving the 5 hour solo a go once you have tackled the course on Saturday in a team of four or maybe the other way round.

Even more importantly – for all the Bristol Bikefest 2009 riders out there – don’t forget that our ‘loyalty gift’ offer applies for everyone who has already taken part in the Bristol event in June and is now entering the Cheddar event as well. So if you enter at least one event at both 2009 Kona Bike Fests than you are in for a treat!

The venue / event village
With the ongoing changes and improvements that have been made at the Broadway House venue in Cheddar the facilities are all top notch which will make the Kona Cheddar Bikefest the ideal place to bring the family for the final mountain biking burst of the season. The Bristol Bikefest team are going to add their usual laidback atmosphere with music and a well stocked bar throughout the weekend.

The event village will have something for everyone. Top notch caterers and coffee vendors from the region, adventure playground and the latest 2009/10 accessories, apparel and bikes on display.

Special Kona Bike Fest camping offer – runs out on the 14th August
Camping on the Broadway House Campground for the Cheddar Bike Fest 2009 weekend will be £8 per person/per day or £14 for 2 days per person. This is no further charge for the tent. To book the special Cheddar Bikefest camping deal please call the booking line 01934 742610 and book your pitch before the 14th August 2009. After the 14th August 2009 the rates will go back to the standard camping ground rate of £14 per person/per day or £25 for 2 days per person. Hire caravans can be rented at the usual Broadway House rates. Parking will be free for campers and competitors. Visitors might be charged a £3 parking fee.

For further details on the Broadway House Campground please go to:

Kids race
There will be a kids race held on the Saturday starting at 1:00PM. Classes are 0 – 5years, 5 – 10 years and 10 and over. Parents can enter their children on the day before 12:30PM by coming to the race unit and registering on the line. The entry will be free of charge.

How to enter – entry now open!
The event website tells you all you need to know about the Kona Cheddar Bikefest with venue information, course details, briefing notes and lots more and most importantly has the entry form available to download as well as the newly added online entry. Simply download it, fill it in (please note that every team rider has to fill in an entry form) and send it through to us together with the payment or use the online entry – whatever you prefer. Successful entries will be uploaded on our entry page on a regular basis. Due to not wanting to overcrowd the course and spoil the fun we have restricted the entry, in particular the solo entry. So to make sure that you can take part in the event of your choice please enter as soon as possible. If however last minute is more your thing we will accept entries on the day at the venue if spaces are still available.

The Bikefest Team