If you are seeking a stellar used bike, Curated Cranks promise to only list the best. Making your pre-owned buying experience easier.

Selling a mountain bike is never easy. That curated build and all those cherished riding memories can make it a strangely testing experience.

Online sales are where most pre-owned bikes now trade and the offering has been indifferent, with some riders lacking the correct understanding of how to market their mountain bike.

Uploading images of your muddy bike, post-ride, is perhaps not the best way of exposing it to potential buyers. Curated Cranks is a new online sales platform that attempts to use a premium model for a better seller and buying experience.

Proper images matter

Instead of allowing a weak listing, of a great bike, Curated Cranks offer a bespoke service. Quality images are captured, showing your mountain bike in its best condition, whilst the listing is accompanied by a tailored and accurate description, written with care.

Curated Cranks are targeting bikes with a value of £3000 and above. If you consider the deprecation curve in mountain biking, that means the company is seeking to trade in the very best brands and builds available.

Sellers list for free, which includes the creative services with regards to images and words. There is a capped buyer’s premium, similar to car and antique auction houses.

The promise is that when Curated Cranks starts its auctions next year, which are support by a market related reserve price, buyers will navigate a collection of very desirable mountain bike listings. Curated and meticulously displayed.

For many buyers, it is a constant source of frustration to navigate boutique builds, without proper images of specific parts. Curated Cranks is wishing to avoid all of this possible annoyance with its service, enabling your erstwhile dream build to find a good home, when you have made the decision to upgrade.