New updates to Bosch's smart phone app include Theft Report function, Digital eBike Pass and updates to navigation

With e-bikes being particularly hot market items for thieves, the unfortunate fact is that more and more of us are having our pride and joys targeted. If you’ve ever had your bike stolen, the likelihood of getting your bike returned is pretty low. So as well as integrating tracking into their eBike Flow app (as a premium feature), mid-motor giant Bosch has now brought out a couple of new updates to make it easier to pass on information to the police in the unfortunate event it gets stolen. As part of the package of improvements, there are also some updates to the navigational function. This comes a couple of months after their previous update which included the eBike Lock. So, let’s dive into the new features.


Bosch eBike Flow app updates

The new Theft Report function allows you to get all the details of the theft together for the police

Bosch eBike Flow app need to know

  • Digital eBike Pass to add information on your bike to
  • Theft Report function, which streamlines reporting theft to the police
  • Navigation updates, including mid-ride destination changes and elevation graph

Digital eBike Pass

Ever wanted to keep all the information about your e-bike in one place? Well now you can. Users can now add things like the frame number, proof of purchase documents, photos of the bike, and personal contact information. Why? Well Bosch suggest it’s handy in case you ever want to buy or sell an e-bike, take it to the workshop, or even deal with the police.

We like the idea of having a little more peace of mind when buying a bike, as you’ll be able to see all this information – as long as the buyer shares it, of course.


Bosch eBike Flow app updates (4)

The new navigation features include the ability to add stops mid-ride and change your destination easily

Theft Report function

Next up is the new Theft Report function. This is also found in the eBike Flow app, under ‘My eBike’. From there you can now report it as stolen, and fill in a theft report which can help you to put down details about the bike, the time and place it was stolen (if you know) and contact information in case the police need to get in touch. Of course, if you’ve filled in your eBike Pass already then that takes out a lot of the hard work.

Once filled in you can then email it to the police as a PDF file, or print it for your own records. Whether or not it’ll work as anything more than a slightly streamlined way of adding to the police databases is yet to be seen. And, this is all assuming you haven’t been mugged and had your phone taken as well…

Bosch eBike Flow app updates

As part of the navigation updates, you can now see just how much climbing you have left to do on a route

Refined navigation

Perhaps the biggest set of updates comes within the navigation part of the Flow app. If you’ve ever felt like adding on a quick stop mid-ride, or want to change your destination, you can now do so via the app. A new quick menu on the Ride screen allows you to change the destination as you’re riding via an LED Remote, Mini Remote or Purion 200 display, depending on what your bike has.

And finally, perhaps not groundbreaking, as Garmin, Wahoo, and others has been doing it for years, the app will now feature an elevation graph of your ride. If you have a route running it will show you how far you’ve climbed and what you’ve got left – perhaps better for morale on a front-heavy climbing ride.

All these updates are now available to download via the eBike Flow app, and can be used in conjunction with some of Bosch’s previous security additions like the eBike Lock and eBike Alarm.