It was a bit of a surprise losing Trek’s offering in the first cut considering the company’s normally unbeatable combination of cracking component packages and a sweet ride. The 6000 fell down because of rather stunted dimensions in 17.5in test size. The tower of spacers under the already steep rise stem certainly addresses the towpath end of the spending spectrum but it hardly provides the attacking stance when real trails beckon. The very active, if hardly subtle Suntour XCR fork didn’t combine too well with a slightly steep head angle, pitching you even further forward when it dived into its travel. With a decent spec including hydraulic Shimano disc brakes, Bontrager finishing kit, including fast rolling low-profile knobblies to increase multi-tasking appeal and a quality
frame finish, it’s a reasonable prospect on paper. However, this isn’t quite matched by the ride. With tougher competition for the final six this year Trek hadn’t quite stepped up its game to match its main competitors where it matters.