Well you don’t see snow like that very often do you? Sunday night in the South of England saw more snow than I think I’ve seen in all my 28 years put together!
Obviously you can’t be expected to work when it’s like that outside, and sure enough, at 9am on Monday morning we got the text from the editor to say there was no point trying to get into the office. Woo-hoo!
Some of us used the time more wisely than others – take this photo Danny took while out doing some sneaky MegaAvalanche training just south of London for example. The rest of us – stranded in the city – contented ourselves with building snowmen.

So what did you do? Got any shots of you tackling the snow on your MTB? If you do, send them in! We’re always on the lookout for great shots for our reader photo comp, and the winning snapper each month wins a Minoura Workstand worth £99. Send your pics to mbrreaderphotos@ipcmedia.com