The addition of an even bigger road gap, did not deter Bernard Kerr, from racing to his third Red Bull Hard Line title, in Wales.

The Pivot team rider now has three wins at what is arguable the world’s hardest downhill mountain bike track, used for timed competition.

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Bernard Kerr prevailed to secure his third Red Bull Hardline win. In an attempt to compensate for lost time, after last year’s Hard Line got cancelled, the Athertons built a monstrous course – even by Hard Line standards.

With his previous wins and inarguable bike skill, Kerr was always a favourite at Hard Line.

Kerr dominated the event with a terrific run. Not only was he fast and fluid, despite the scale of technical features that had to be conquered, but he was courageous, too.

Keeping it tidy, into the gap

The Hard Line road gap was a feature of huge consequence, respected by even the most committed riders. Kerr’s foot unclipped during one of his pedal-strokes into the road gap, which would have completely undone a lesser rider.

Despite this misstep, Kerr still bested two junior World Champions for the win, with Laurie Greenland taking second and Kade Edwards, third.

Kerr was understandably thrilled, with his Hard Line hattrick.

“It feels unreal. It’s been a tough week, but I honestly couldn’t be more stoked. I missed Friday practice, so I’m pretty relieved and happy it’s done now. It’s been such an amazing week, such a vibe in the camp. Positivity and an awesome atmosphere brings good riding.”

Although swirling winds had disrupted qualifying, the Dyfi valley gifted riders a calm day, for the event’s competition run.

And Kerr made excellent use of that, to take one of the most symbolic prizes in gravity mountain biking.