A mysterious lunchbox, and a whole load of decent new kit.

For those of you who can’t wait until the reviews come out in the magazine or go up online, here’s another in our new series of pre-emptive peeks into recent test product arrivals.

Here’s last week’s Arrivals for those who missed it.

Fabric Compact chain splitter

Price: £19.99
From: csg.co.uk

Super dinky, the Compact chain tool is small enough to get lost in even the smallest of packs. Everyone knows that nothing beats a proper chain tool for sorting out broken chains on the trail, and this one is no exception. It even comes with a spare main pin for those inevitable ham-fisted moments…

Fabric chain splitter

Fabric Semi-Ergo Silicone lock-on grip

Price: £19.99
From: csg.co.uk

Silicon is a great material to make grips from. It’s super light and properly grippy even when soaking wet. These Fabric versions use a lock-on collar design to eliminate the normal problems with installing and removing silicon grips. The semi-ergo shape has curves in all the right places to keep your hands comfy…

Fabric semi-ergo grips

Fabric Sixteen tool

Price: £24.99
From: csg.co.uk

Guess what? There are 16 different tools on this multi-tool from Fabric. All the usual suspects are here, including a chaintool that includes a wide variety of spoke keys…

Fabric sixteen tool

Fabric Scoop Pro Team Radius saddle

Price: £129.99
From: csg.co.uk

The Scoop has long been a firm favourite amongst MTBers. Mainly for it’s comfortable profile and almost perfect amount of padding. Now available in the logo emblazoned ‘Team’ edition, this Pro version comes with carbon rails to lighten the weight…

Fabric Scoop Pro Radius

Sunrace MX80 wide-range cassette

Price: £99.99
From: ison-distribution.com

Eagle-like shifting ratios but for 11 speed and without having to ditch your Shimano compatible wheels. The MX80 offers an 11-50 range that will apparently work with any 11 speed setup. If silver isn’t your thing, they also do it in black…

Sunrace MX80

5:10 Freerider Pro shoes

Price: £110.00
From: fiveten.com

I don’t think much needs to be said about the new Freerider Pro from 5:10. It uses the Stealth S1 rubber sole, pretty much The sole that all brands want to beat for flat pedal grippiness. Matched to this grip is a low pro, weather resistant upper and you have another potential winner…

Five Ten Freeride Pro

Schwalbe Tire Booster

Price: £55.00
From: schwalbe.com

Now that we are all running tubeless (you are aren’t you?) Having a reliable inflator is almost a necessity for those that like to chop and change between tyres. Just pump it up with your normal trackpump (up to 160psi), screw on the hose and turn the lever. Voila, instant inflation. If the Schwalbe Tire Booster looks familiar it’s because it is a licensed version of the ever popular Airshot…

Schwalbe Tire Booster

Slime Tubeless lunchbox

Price: priceless
From: slime.com

To go with your new Schwalbe Tire Booster (sorry about the American spelling!) Slime is now producing the whole kit and caboodle of tubeless related paraphernalia. Known for their puncture sealant goo, it was only a matter of time before they produced a tubeless specific sealant. Matched to this they now produce tubeless tape, valves and tools. Sorry, the fetching lunchbox isn’t included…


What could it be??


It’s a load of new tubeless goodies!!

WTB Vigilante TCS Light High Grip 27.5”x2.3”

Price: £40.00
From: hotlines-uk.com

WTB’s aggressive all-mountain tyre. This TCS Light version uses a lighter weight casing than the standard Vigilante to make it more of an all-rounder and a little easier to manage on the climbs. High Grip compound is the softer of WTB’s rubbers. This one is going on Buzz editor JD’s bike for a sound thrashing…

WTB Vigilante

WTB Trail Boss TCS Light Fast Rolling 27.5”x2.4”

Price: £40.00
From: hotlines-uk.com

The Scully to the Vigilante’s Mulder. The Trail Boss is a faster rolling rear tyre with a tighter tread spacing and harder compound…

WTB Trail Boss

The truth is somewhere out there on the trails, now go and find it…