The Scott Spark RC is the latest cross-country bike to get smart suspension in search of that racing edge.


Scott’s Spark RC cross-country (XC) racing bike has always boasted a clever suspension adjustment system, giving three modes optimised to climbing, descending and sprinting, controlled by a handlebar remote. But the latest model goes one step further by letting the computers take over control, with the aim of giving the most efficient ride without any human input during the race. That technology comes from the addition of RockShox Flight Attendant, something we’ve seen field-tested by the likes of Nino Schurter and Kate Courtney since the end of last season. And now you can enjoy that racing edge, as Scott unveils its latest Spark with integrated Flight Attendant.

The Scott Spark RC x Flight Attendant collection includes two new models, the Spark RC World Cup and the Spark RC World Cup Evo. If you’re into XC racing, or just dipped into the mountain biking world in the last decade or so, you’ll probably recognise the Spark RC as Nino Schurter’s race bike. And he’s not just riding the new model now it’s released, he’s also been helping develop the bike and the integration of Flight Attendant.


The new bike has already seen the top step, in the very capable hands of Nino Schurter

Scott Spark RC X Flight Attendant need to know:

  • There are two new models launching, the Spark RC World Cup and the Spark RC World Cup Evo
  • Both models come with the new RockShox Flight Attendant suspension system
  • Nino Schurter has already won aboard the new bike, and helped in the development
  • Prices are TBC, but we can assume they’re around the current top-end Spark RC (which is currently £13,799)
  • Bikes are expected to be available from autumn 2024

The Scott Spark RC with Flight Attendant has been trialled in several races since last year

Scott Spark RC X Flight Attendant

It’s a big claim to call your bike the “fastest bike in XC racing history”, but we might let it slide given the palmares this bike has seen. Nino Schurter and Kate Courtney have both ridden the Scott Spark RC to victory on the World Cup circuit, and with the addition of RockShox Flight Attendant, it could be, as Scott put it, a “game-changer.”

If you’re not familiar with Flight Attendant, essentially it’s AI powered suspension. It can actively switch between open, pedal and lock modes without input from the rider. We tested it aboard the S-Works Epic 8 back in March. Outside of our in-house MBR expertise, Scott found that Nino Schurter switched modes four times more with Flight Attendant than he would manually – using the Scott TwinLoc system – during the course of a 1hr 30min World Cup race.


The Evo model uses SRAM’s XX Eagle AXS Transmission, while the World Cup model uses SRAM’s X0 Eagle Transmission

Two new models

There are two new models in the collection, the Scott Spark RC World Cup Evo and the Scott Spark RC World Cup. Both models feature an updated frame and down tube cover and a custom Scott RockShox SIDLuxe Ultimate Flight Attendant rear shock and RockShox SID Ulimate Flight Attendant fork.

The Evo will also come with a SRAM XX Eagle AXS Transmission and Syncros Silverton 1.0s carbon wheels. The World Cup will use a SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission, Syncros Silverton 1.0 carbon wheels and Maxxis Rekon Race tyres.

Nino Schurter has been racing this bike since last year (and already won on it), but soon it will be available to the masses – as long as your pockets are deep enough. They’re expected to go on sale in autumn 2024.