New for autumn 2023, 7mesh introduces the Airmap range, employing the brand's latest comfort-enhancing fabric tech, with a strong focus on environmental impact.

Air is the ultimate key to comfort

The 7mesh product team spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about managing air, moisture, and heat inside technical apparel, but once they began exploring the idea of managing air before it enters the garment, they saw their design challenge in a new light.

7mesh Airmap

Changeable weather conditions and high exertion activity rolled into one provide challenges that Airmap aims to solve

By using selectively placed permeable, breathable panels, 7mesh Airmap regulates airflow to control heat and water vapour movement, striking the ideal balance between protection from rain and wind, and venting excess heat and moisture. 7mesh feels that this makes Airmap the go-to gear for any kind of riding in variable conditions.

“Because when you manage airflow, you control the whole climate, not simply moisture.”

Constructed using strategically layered zones of three different laminate fabrics, Airmap controls airflow, putting air in its place to open up new levels of comfort in variable weather conditions.

“One of the inconvenient truths about technical apparel is that it’s always about balancing rider needs. Having a hyper-focus on water resistance misses the reality that air is the ultimate key to comfort,” said VP Product Ian Martin.

7mesh Airmap

The Airmap range includes apparel for mountain biking as well as gravel and road riding

The technology and details

Airmap uses a combination of engineered laminates with different properties suited to the needs of each application.

  • Single-layer Airmap maximizes permeability and breathability
  • Two-layer Airmap offers robust wind resistance
  • Three-layer Airmap provides impressive weatherproof protection

These three fabrics are carefully mapped and deployed in each garment to maximize protection and airflow. The fabrics all share the same outer face, so from the outside Airmap garments appear as though they’re constructed from a single material.

7mesh Airmap

7mesh Airmap comes in three types but all use the same surface fabric, giving a clean aesthetic

Airmap’s multi-layered system controls air movement across different areas of the body, blocking the air in the direction of travel, managing water inside and out, and breathing to allow moisture and heat exchange.

Sustainability and environmental impact

All three Airmap fabrics are Bluesign and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
and made without the use of Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) and PFAS,
aka ‘forever chemicals’. The polyester and polyurethane used in Airmap
fabrics are made from recycled materials to reach 7mesh’s highest level
yet of sustainable, responsible construction.

7mesh Airmap

7mesh Airmap mountain bike range includes a jacket, anorak and pant

The MTB product range

The autumn 2023 7mesh Airmap collection for mountain bike, adventure, and gravel riding includes the Cache Anorak, Cache Jacket, and Grit Pant. UK prices are to be confirmed.