Rotor sizes: 160mm 180mm 203mm / Weight: 159g for a 180mm rotor 400g rear brake including adapter / Lever reach adjustment / Dot 4 brake fluid / Stainless steel braded hoses as standard (not pictured)
Contact: Raleigh P&A 01773 532 600

Quad uses a two-piece twin-opposing piston calliper on the QHD-1 and it’s opted for a post mount design with IS adaptors to accommodate the three different rotor sizes. The hydraulic system is open so the pads self-adjust with wear like all other popular hydraulic brakes. Pads are easily replaced and are secured with a threaded 2mm pin. Quad uses a semi-metallic pad compound and so far pad life has proved to be good — replacements cost £7.99 and are the same as older Shimano Deore. Other features include a side mounted rotating calliper banjo for direct cable routing and a split lever clamp to make brake removal easy.
We first tried the QHD-1 disc brakes on a £500 Claud Butler Cape Wrath in last year’s Dirty Dozen test, and were seriously impressed. Having spent more time on them, our opinion hasn’t changed — power is good, they have stacks of modulation and while a hot rotor will leave a scar on your leg the Quads won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Features-wise these are among the best value disc brakes on the market. If Raleigh P&A can provide the necessary support, they’ll be onto a winner.