Small but perfectly formed, the Quantock Hills conceal some of the best mtb’ing in the land — particularly if you’re after steep ups and even steeper downs. Harder to come by, however, are the easier little loops; the ones that are ideal for a quick evening blast, or for chasing around in poor weather, just to make sure of your daily dose of exercise and adrenaline.
This circuit is one of the best options. It starts steep — with a sharp little climb from Holford onto the open moors — then traverses the main ridge on a wonderful roller-coaster track that’s rough enough to keep you on your toes, yet rideable, and with superb views. A fast and rocky descent to Crowcombe Park Gate brings the crossing to an end and leaves you with one small hill to hurdle before the real fun begins.
This finale really is one of the best downhills in the area