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The quality of the mtb’ing in the North Downs has never been under debate — those wooded hills of the sunny south provide far more thrills and spills than most would imagine. But the majority of the routes that emanate from the area tend to be shorter and, dare we say it, easier, loops that can be banged off in a few hours rather than keeping you in the saddle for the whole day.
This ride’s different: it’s big in terms of distance; it’s big in terms of ascent; it’s half-decent in terms of the odd technical challenge; and when you mix all of these together with some fairly complex route finding, it proves a heavyweight outing well worthy of its Hard grade.
Starting on the rim of the spectacular Devil’s Punchbowl, some wicked scenery sets the whole thing off; and the only way is down from here, so the first few kilometres will fly past in a fairly frantic broad-leaved blur. The sandy trails of Ludshott Common provide a challenge of a different type, but they don’t last long before more sweet, wooded singletrack leads west and then south to cross the A3.
Another stretch of sandy commonland leads down to Forest Mere, where the Sussex Border Path takes over and ups the average as it carries you east again to Kingsley Green. Mere mortals will be feeling it a bit by now but there’s still some way to go, as well as the biggest climb of the day to contend with. Some pretty full-on descents reward the pull onto Black Down and will hopefully provide the motivation required to keep those pedals turning for just a few more kilometres.
You could top it off with a lap of the Devil’s Punchbowl if you fancy; but have those legs got another 200m of climbing left in them?