Ride Britain's Best Singletrack around Peaslake and the Surrey Hills: download our free GPS route and head for the hills

There’s an incredible amount of riding on offer around Peaslake in the Surrey hills, but unless you know where you’re going, you’re going to miss out.

This route is perfect for the first timer and links together the official trails across Holmbury hill and Leith hill.

The start is a bit of an undulating meander on bridleways and roads although there’s a nice technical climb in a gulley shortly after passing Friday Street. It’s a nice warm up but don’t worry if the riding seems a bit lacklustre, the good stuff is ahead.

From the top of Holmbury hill, the genuine Surrey hills experience begins with one of the most well-known trails around; Barry Knows Best. Conveniently at the finish there is a fire road climb which you can take, turning at the first right to bring you back to the start in case you want an extra lap.

Peaslake is the perfect lunch stop and then it’s back up Holmbury hill to take in the second of the officially built trails; Yoghurt Pots. Expect a slightly gentler, slower trail here but it’s fun once you know it, and again, it’s super easy to do another lap. Just exit left and stay left until the start.

Climbing onto Leith will make you realise the hills are actually a pretty good size around here, and the reward is the longest purpose built trail in the area in the form of Summer Lightning 2. From the end of that trail it’s a fast roll down a byway back to the start point.