Yorkshire Gold! Rides at Pateley Bridge, Bolton Abbey, Meltham Moor, Bingley and Oxenhope Moor.

Cracking singletrack and out-there adventure riding. Yorkshire mountain bike routes in The Dales, the South Pennines, the Peak District and West Yorkshire.

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1. Scar House Reservoir, Yorkshire Dales

Distance: 38km/23 Miles

This a real Dales classic that is easily reached if you start in Pateley Bridge (Landranger 99/SE157656). It takes the lane NW out of town towards Ramsgill and follows this to Ramsgill, where a parallel bridleway continues almost to Middlesmoor. A steep road climb gains the village and a track continues NW from here, eventually dropping to Scarhouse Reservoir. Cross the dam and follow a BW E then S then E to the road near Ouster Bank. A continuation track now leads to Lul Beck. Another track now leads S and SW to Bouthwaite, where a lane can be taken SE to Wath and on back to Pateley Bridge.

2. Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire Dales

Distance: 49km/30 Miles

On their southern edge, the Dales almost touch the edge of the Leeds-Bradford conurbation, yet they feel a world away. This is a long loop, but it’s straightforward and offers a great taste of Dales’ riding. Bolton Abbey makes a useful departure point (Landranger 98/SE071539). Head N up the B6160, swing R into Sandholme and cross the river before heading NW on a good track. Follow the road N from Bardsey Bridge to Appletreewick then the B6160 W to Threshfield. A track loops W then N over Threshfield Moor, then use road and tracks to link Malham Moor, Bordley and Lee Gate. At the Weets head SE on a BW to Hetton, then another BW takes you on to Rylestone. Climb SE onto over Rylestone Fell and continue E over Brown Bank to drop to Halton Moor. Head S, on further BW tracks, to Halton East, and take the road E to finish.

3. Meltham Moor, Peak District

Distance: 27km/17 Miles

It’s the Peak District but not as you know it! Mainly because it starts in Meltham (Landranger 110/SE101106) – a village on the south west tip of Huddersfield. The riding’s typical Peak though – gritty and fun. Start by heading NW out of town towards Marsden, but almost immediately loop NE then N to the Blackmoorfoot Reservoir. Head SW on Bridleways back to the road, and turn R to follow it to Marsden, keeping S of the A42 to follow a good track SE past Butterley Reservoir, Wessenden Reservoir and on up to Wessenden Head. Follow the main road L until you can turn R (SW) onto a rocky drop. This loops E to the road above the Digley Reservoir, where you head NW back to the main road. A great descent now drops you N back to Meltham.

4. The Bingley Bash, West Yorkshire

Distance: 24km/14 Miles

Bingley is just a few miles NW of Bradford, and only a few miles further from Leeds, yet this little loop onto the moors to the west, has become a classic over the years. Start in Bingley (Landranger191/SE106393), and take the B6249 SW then turn R onto a good track and follow it W to the next road. Head S, then W again on a track not marked on the map. Cross Harden Moor and join a BW then lane that lead SW almost to Mytholmes. Now take another BW E then S to loop around the S of Cullingworth, passing Manywells Heights, before hooking NE, on more BWs, all the way Willsden. Follow BWs and lanes E again to Cottingley and wind your way through houses to the B6265. Take this towards Bingley and fork L onto a track that passes Beck Foot and gets you back to the B6249. Hang a R to finish.

5. Oxenhope Moor, South Pennines

Distance: 26km/16 Miles

West of Bradford and south of Haworth, Oxenhope Moor conceals some great mtbing. Word of warning, some of the trails follows footpaths or other paths that might not be obvious on the map. They are all legit. Our favourite loop kicks off from Ogden Water (Landranger 104/SE066309), heading first of all W over Ovenden Moor to the road. This leads N over Oxenhope Moor, where a trail follows a leat N then W to the A6033. This leads S over Cock Hill, and a BW leads W to Lane Head. Climb then drop NE to Bodkin, and follow the unmapped trail E from SE017337 into Oxenhope. Take the A6033 N to locate a BW that heads E at Royd House. The road leads S, then a BW leads E to Lane Bottom, where another road leads SW to Sawood. Another lane leads S from here, and at Thornton Moor Reservoir, a great BW leads SE over Thornton Moor and back to Ogden Water.