Bargain bike bonnets.

We regularly trawl the online retailers for the very best mountain bike helmets deals. Here’s this month’s current offers on excellent trail riding helmets.

How to find your helmet size

Get hold of a fabric or paper tape measure if possible. If you don’t have one, don’t try and wrap a metal tape measure around your noggin, it doesn’t work – believe us. In the absence of a fabric/paper tape measure, find some string and wrap that around your head and note its length.

Whereabouts to measure around your head? Essentially around the widest (biggest circumference) part of your head. Around your forehead and around the most prominent bit of the back of your head. Note down the measurement in centimetres. All helmets have size ranges and with your head measured it’s then easy enough to find which sizing has your head size covered.

How often should you replace a helmet?

You should replace a helmet after any slightly significant impact or crash. A lot of helmet companies offer crash replacement schemes so it’s worth checking out their websites for info about such things.

In terms of general lifespan, it’s typically advised that you should think about replacing your helmet every two to three years. Some companies in the past have stated a longer term than this but we’d feel a bit iffy using a helmet that’s had more than three years proper trail riding use. General wear and tear as well as things like UV degradation can have negative affects on the performance and reliability of your helmet.

Mountain bike helmets deals – under £30

Abus Aduro helmet – £39.99 – £25.99


With 14 vents this helmet runs a bit cooler than other helmets in this price range. You can detach the peak if you don’t like it, or wish to use it on a road bike now and then. There are blanking plugs provided to fill the resulting holes. Neat. It also has a built-in rear LED light, which is handy for later-than-intended finishes!

GT Avalanche Trail – £34.99 – £17.99


This helmet may be uni-size but it also has adaptive fit pads for enabling it to fit all kinds of head shapes nicely. A great option if you’re after good levels of protection for under twenty quid.

Lazer P’Nut kids helmet – £39.99 – £24.99

This is a kids helmet we’re afraid. Although if your noggin is smaller than  53cm you could always give it a go! Getting your kid a helmet that they want to wear and is comfortable, protective and airy isn’t easy. But here’s one.

Mountain bike helmets deals – under £60

Lazer Ultrax MTB – £74.99 – £48.74


You can instantly see what you get when you up the budget to over fifty quid and find helmets in the sales. Much leaner in appearance, more vents, better colourways and overall a much more finished product.

Specialized Andorra women’s helmet – £54.99 – £40.00


What makes a helmet a women’s helmet exactly? It isn’t just a different colourway. Although, to be honest, there is only one functional or ergonomic difference: women’s helmets are often ponytail-friendly. That’s it really. A small thing but one that will be very significant to some.

Specialized Ambush – £99.99 – £49.99


As you can tell from the subtle logo-ing, we’ve featured this helmet already in our weekly Dirty Deals round-ups. It’s worth mentioning it again here though for those of you who missed Dirty Deals or have landed here via your friendly neighbourhood search engine. A great helmet and an amazing price.

Mountain bike helmets deals – under £80

MET Kaos UL All Mountain – £119.99 – £71.99

More holes than helmet here. Well, not quite but you get what we’;re saying. MET have always prized ventilation in their lids and their Kaos UL is not exception despite its All Mountain and enduro suitability.

Giro Chronicle MIPS – £99.99 – £76.49

Not the biggest discount here – a ‘mere’ 24% off – but this is a much in-demand helmet and so it earns its place here. Giro kicked off the whole big peak, low back enduro lid vibe and the Chronicle adds MIPS to the mix. And loads of different colourways.

Scott Stego – £119.99 – £79.99

If you like this striking black and dino green colourway – goferrit. If you don’t, there are other colour schemes available. Well, if you’re quick anyway. Huge vents, MIPS protection, extended lower head coverage. GoPro mount, 340g. Another quality item from Scott.

Mountain bike helmets deals – over £80

POC Tectal – £174.99 – £113.74

Only one size available and one colurway but… it’s a common size (Medium/Large 55-58cm) and this colour is classic POC. One of the very few enduro or trail riding helmets that offers genuinely cool-running ventilation alongside supreme protection and on-trend aesthetics.

Giro Montaro MIPS – £149.99 – £113.97

Running POC very close is Giro Montaro offering. The added bonus of this Montaro is the MIPS aspect. MIPS is the extra liner inside the helmet that allows the helmet to move in a snag-impact, thus reducing the chances of whiplash kinda iunjuries.

Sweet Protection Bushwhacker Carbon MIPS – £199.99 – £119.99

Wow! Who on earth would pay two hundred quid for a pushbike helmet? Well, not you. You can get one for a paltry £119.99. See? It sounds much better when you say the sale price after saying the SRP doesn’t it? A top bit of Scandi protection at a slightly easier to swallow price.

Happy helmet hunting!

You can see there are a lot of very good helmets in this collection, and it is really hard to pick a winner. That’s not a cop-out, it’s just that most manufacturers have really upped their game recently and are producing some cracking lids. You’ll not go wrong with any of these helmets.