On the first of Advent we bring you the story of a truly inspirational rider who has overcome the odds to continue with his passion.

Mountain biking with one arm? Impossible, you’d think. But not for Thomas Bannister. Since suffering a Left Brachial Plexus injury, damaging the nerves and losing function of his left arm Thomas has been getting out and riding his mountain bike one handed.

Like Glenn Johnstone in One Leg, No Fear, Thomas hasn’t let the loss of limb control get in the way of his riding.

Through the innovative use of a steering damper, Thomas has been able to limit how much feedback he receives through the bars, giving much better control of the bike. Similarly, he finds Formula brakes more useful, as the slim bodies and shorter levers allow him to double them up on one side meaning he can control one with his fore finger and one with his middle.

A further impressive feat is Thomas’s speed. Whilst most of us couldn’t imagine riding a bike one handed, Thomas is finding the flow and control we all seek when we ride with both our limbs attached to the bars. What’s more, he isn’t shy of hitting those drops and jumps either.