Weight: 37g / IS to IS (160 to 180mm or 160 to 203mm), PM to PM (160 to 180mm), PM to IS (160 to 203mm), IS to PM (160 to 180mm or 160 to 203mm)
Contact: www.windwave.co.uk

If you’re upgrading your suspension fork to one with a post mount (like a 2008 Fox Float), but your brakes are IS (international standard), you’ll need a caliper adapter to make them work together. These are available from various manufacturers, but the company with the most comprehensive range is A2Z. It even produces the IS to PM (160mm to 180mm) adapter we wanted for the fork test last month. All A2Z adapters come with fixing bolts and the sizing etched onto the side so you won’t be confused about what works with what. Some of them are slightly more expensive than Shimano, but since the Japanese component manufacturer doesn’t make IS to IS adapters, A2Z is the only choice and as such can justify the price.