A newly designed Five is shown hitting the trails in this latest edit from Orange bikes to announce their frame overhaul


The new frame from Orange is brought to the public eye in this short but sweet edit which shows the newly designed Five hitting corners and muddy ruts.

Orange say that they have built upon the existing features that made the old Five so popular whilst bringing in some new improvements; most notably that the new Five is longer, stiffer, slacker and gets a revised top tube with greater standover clearance and reinforcing strut.

And judging by the video, it looks pretty handsome too.

You can check out some more Orange bike action in this edit from Moab; or have a read of the longterm verdict on the Five RS 650b.

  • Eddie Johnstone

    Totally agree mate myself and a mate are in the same boat totally disgusting.

  • Paul

    Just brought the Orange five three weeks ago which has the older frame and wasn’t told that a new one was just about to come out???