If you’re a race whippet you may be OK, but we had to shoehorn most of the mbr testers into this tight bib

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Race Face Stash Bib


Race Face Stash Bib review


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Race Face offers the Stash Bib as a short liner and Tank top combined, as well as individually. The Stash Tank is a sort of sleeveless base layer with pockets. Separately they are £60 and £69.95 respectively, so it obviously makes financial sense to buy them both combined, but the problem is the upper part of the Stash bib is incredibly tight fitting. If you’re a race whippet this may be OK, but we had to shoehorn most of the mbr testers into this bib.

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The Race Face Stash Bib has a similar layout to the Specialized; the difference is you can fit a small 1.5-litre reservoir into a sleeve on the shoulders, and there are even loops down the shoulder straps to secure the hose. Inserting the reservoir in this pocket is not easy when you’re wearing the bib, but we found the reservoir acts like a radiator, keeping you cool when riding hard in warm weather.

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The tight upper body meant we never had any issues with tools rattling loose, but does mean it’s trickier getting a hand in a pocket, especially with gloves on. Also, we could only answer the call of nature by pulling up one of the legs. Like the Specialized short, we think the Stash could be improved with a longer pocket, for a mini-pump, and maybe slightly larger thigh pockets.

With its mesh thigh panels, we never felt hot or sticky riding in the Stash Bib, but the synthetic chamois pad is not as comfortable or as supportive as the Specialized.

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With the reservoir compatibility and slim cut, the Race Face is perfect for XC events, but to get a better fit we’d definitely consider buying the two garments separately and mixing and matching sizes. The problem is, this just bumps up the overall price and makes the Race Face Stash poor value.