Product Overview


Maxxis High Roller £24.99

Weight: 478g / Sizes: 2.1in and 2.35in/ 120tpi / 62a durometer
Contact: MMA 01792 467467

If you’re the sort of rider that likes one tyre for all seasons, or you resent doling out a load of cash for a separate mud tyre, the 2.1in High Roller may be what you’ve been looking for. It comes up narrow for its size so cuts through the clag, rolls well and won’t clog in the frame. The tread is fairly open, so it sheds mud easily, and it has really good side lugs so there’s little chance of losing either end in slippery turns.
Due to a Kevlar bead the High Roller is foldable and light. It’s also an Exception tyre, which is a 120tpi carcass combined with a 62a durometer rubber compound. This contains an exclusive Exxpro polymer, which apparently enhances durability, but we’ll let you know on that one.
Larger and softer versions of the High Roller are available but we’d stay clear of the latter if you do a lot of mileage because the side knobs can lose their edge quickly. The 2.35in version is ideal for summer use.