The new Pembree D2A pedal is still machined from high-grade aerospace aluminium, but the 100mm x 110mm platform is now one-piece.

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Pembree D2A Pedal


Pembree D2A Pedal review


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With its replaceable pin rails, the previous Pembree R1V pedal was unusual, but the Sussex-based company has switched to a more conventional design with its new Pembree D2A. It gets the same stainless-steel axle with 8mm hex for installation, but runs on an inner Igus bushing rather than a needle roller bearing, with two SKF sealed outer bearings. There are 10 pins per side and these are slightly thicker stainless designs that are thread into, rather than through, the platform. The pedal is offered in five anodised colours and comes with an impressive five-year warranty.

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Pembree is a carbon-neutral company with the aim of becoming carbon negative in the near future. As such, when you buy a set of D2A pedals the company will plant at least one tree – the idea being it removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emitted when the pedal was manufactured. Also if you go onto the company website you’ll notice that every component used in the construction of the D2A is recyclable.

The quality of this pedal is right up there – the platform is precise, the anodising is superb, and I’ve even had a few pins out and the threads were straight and everything was greased properly. There was also plenty of grease round the bearings, and by removing the little access plate on the outside – held in place with two Torx screws – servicing is pretty straight forward too.

Although the pedal is totally flat, Pembree has attempted to create a bit of concavity by only placing pins around the perimeter. This is not as effective as a pedal where the concavity is machined into the platform, because the pins can sink into the sole of your shoe.

I tested this pedal with two shoes – a Five Ten Freerider Pro and a Ride Concepts TNT and the grip is very good with the former, but pins are too thick to bite deeply into the slightly harder sole on the TNT. The good news is that you can upgrade the pins as the thread is pretty standard – I ran the sharper DMR Moto X pins for a few rides during testing. While the stock pins offer good grip, I’d just like to see Pembree offer a sharper pin, or set-screw alternative for a bit more grip tuning.

Obviously, what sets this company apart from the competition is its environmental credentials. If you care about that sort of thing (and I think you should) Pembree is offering a greener alternative that doesn’t cost much more than most other pedals because it sells direct to the consumer. For a pedal of this quality, I’d say the Pembree D2A is excellent value for money and it’s also totally rebuildable, and that means it’s going to last a lot longer before you’ll need to replace it.


Platform size:110 x 100mm