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use ultimate boom carbon

Certified as strong enough for riding anything up to DH yet the first thing that strikes you is how amazingly light the USE Ultimate Boom Carbon bar feels.

Score 9

best mountain bike hanbdlebars

The extra width options and bang-on stiffness/flex ratio make the Funn Kingpin another good choice for your long travel machine.

Score 9

Race Face Ride Flat

The Race Face Ride Flat bar is a classy looking bar. It weighs 228g, which some weight weenies baulk at but it costs less than thirty quid!

Score 9

If this review focused purely on the shape, width and weight of the Spank Spike 800 handlebar, one line would do it: with an ideal four-degree upsweep and eight-degree backsweep it has…

Score 10

Easton Havoc Carbon

Even though the Easton Havoc Carbon is a dedicated 800mm-wide downhill bar, which isn’t normally our bag, but we’ve decided to put it to the test because it’s light enough for…

Score 9