Another alt brand drivetrain option

American brand TRW Active is launching an eleven speed drivetrain that features an 11-52T tooth wide range cassette at an “affordable price”.

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trw active

TRW Active SRX drivetrain need to know

  • Initially launching in a 1×11 (2×11 coming later)
  • 11-50T or 11-52T wide range cassettes
  • Direct mount crankset (28t to 38t) in standard and boost offset, and 170mm or 175mm lengths
  • Shifter is a dual release trigger. Five gears in a single sweep
  • Clutch rear derailleur (medium or long cage) low profile design, plus lockup switch for wheel removal
  • Some compatibility with other existing brands’ 11-speed drivetrains
  • Earlybird price of $288.99

After decades of drivetrain dominance from the two big Ss (Shimano and SRAM) it does appear that there’s a growing movement for alternatives. Why? It’s hard to say exactly but a large part of it is an implicit critique of something that Shimano and/or SRAM aren’t offering.

For example, there are plenty of people who want a very wide range cassette (11-50T or so) but they aren’t willing or able to switch over to 12-speed or swap to a new freehub standard.

We already have Box Components and their 7-speed gravity drivetrains and 11-speed trail-riding drivetrains. Now they’ve been joined by a company from Los Alamos, New Mexico, called TRW Active with their 11-speed SRX drivetrain.

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The drivetrain is launching “soon” via crowdfunding site Indiegogo. With earlybird pricing starting from $93.99 (complete drivetrains are $288.99).

TRW Active: “All of the R&D is complete, and we have manufacturing partners with the capacity to fulfill orders. We even have our first 150 production units in house ready to ship to the first supporters. We are launching TRW Active like a crowdsourcing platform, but we have already done the work so you can enjoy the products. For the next 60 days we will be selling our components at a discount, to spread the word and build up the brand.”

SRX Rear 11 Speed Shifter

“The SRX rear 11 speed shifter is a lightweight multi-function trigger shifter. It features a dual-release trigger for the index finger that can either be pushed, or pulled, to release to the next harder gear. The thumb lever is forged aluminum, and allows for up to 5 gear selections in a single sweep. The triggers ride on sealed cartridge bearings. It matches perfectly to our SRX rear derailleur, but is also compatible with other 11 speed rear derailleurs and cassettes on the market.”

SRX Rear Derailleur

“3D cold-forged from high strength alloy. It features an adjustable clutch mechanism, to ward off chain slap, and a lockup switch to aid in removing and installing the rear wheel. It comes in medium and long cage formats to fit cassettes ranging from 11-42t, all the way to our extended 11-52t. The SRX derailleur is also very low profile to help avoid rock strikes while riding in rough terrain.”

SRX Cranksets

“SRX cranksets come in two varieties of 1x chainring profiles. The first is the HD crankset, and it is designed for Downhill and Enduro use. It is 3D cold forged with a steel 24mm spindle and reinforcing ribs. The second crankset is the LW crankset designed for trail use. It is lighter weight with the same 3D cold forged alloy, but a wider and thinner profile. Both cranksets feature direct spiderless chainring mounting for standard and boost rings. The cranks also feature an adjustable tension bolt to remove play from the bottom bracket and a secure apposable bolt pattern on the crank arm.”

SRX Cassettes

“SRX Cassettes come in sizes ranging from 11-46 to 11-50 tooth, and an extended range 11-52 tooth profile. They are made with high strength forged steel cogs riding on a forged alloy carrier. The cogs are coated for wear resistance and long running performance. They feature ramped profiles for smooth shifting and even spacing between cogs. Our 11 speed cassettes are compatible with other manufacturer’s shifters and derailleurs.”